Music Room & Gramophone Circle in September 2019

The next Music Room presentation in Boherbue takes place on Thursday, 5th Sept. at 8.00pm when Pat McCarron of Bandon shares his wonderful programme of music and song.

Millstreet Gramophone Circle at Millstreet Day Care Centre takes place on Friday, 27th September at 8.15pm with Presenter Maurice Linehan of Liscahane, Millstreet.

A warm welcome to All at both Presentations.  (S.R.)

Information Session for Carers & Families affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

There will be a free information session for Carers & Families affected by Alzheimer’s Disease in Millstreet Day Care Centre, Clara Road, Millstreet @ 4pm on Wednesday September 18th. The session will be led by Home Instead. All welcome.

Lest We Forget (8)

(Continuing our series on the events of 1919 with the help of the daily newspaper of the First Dail,
the Irish Bulletin.)


The following are Acts of Aggression committed in Ireland by the Military and Police of the usurping English Government as reported in the Daily Press for week ending September 27th. 1919 :-

The sentences imposed in the 5 cases mentioned above totalled 3 years, 1 month.

Monday, September 22nd 1919.

Raids:– Some ten branches of the Cumann na mBan, (Irish Women’s League), were raided by fully armed Police in Co. Tipperary. In Co. Roscommon similar raids took place on several branches of the same league. Armed police raided the residence of Mr. Peadar O’ Hourihane, Irish Language Organiser, at Kinsale, Co. Cork, carrying away all letters and documents written in the Irish Language. Large forces of Military and Police raided three of the principal printing works in Dublin, Messrs P. Mahon; Cahill & Co. and the Wood Printing Press, dislocating the machinery. A similar raid took place upon the printing works of the “Dundalk Examiner”, Co. Louth. At Roscrea and Clogheen, police raided five newspaper shops and confiscated part of the stock. At Dundalk, twelve newsagent’s shops were raided and papers carried off. At Midleton, Co. Cork, armed police raided a newsagent’s shop and took away all copies of Republican papers.  [read more …] “Lest We Forget (8)”