Millstreet Playground Update

Millstreet Town Park Committee would like to respond to the comments, regarding the refurbishment of the playground :

Firstly, in relation to having exercise equipment close to the playground – we currently have 6 exercise machines within 30 metres of the playground. As these machines are for use for 14-year old and older, we feel that they would be used by children if they were any closer.

Regarding grants from Cork County Council, Millstreet Town Park are very grateful to Cork County Council for the current grant of €14,000, and for previous grants of €3,000 for the installation of the bollards, and €15,000 towards the fitness equipment. Please note that we are currently working with Cork County Council for a Clár grant to the value of €50,000.

Finally, regarding the request for a zip wire, this has been discussed at our meetings, and we hope to put one in place by 2021. There is a lot more we would like to do, but unfortunately, we cannot afford it at the moment.

Finally, we appeal to people to please continue supporting the local lotto, as this is our main source of income, and the future of our Town Park depends on it being supported.  [read more …] “Millstreet Playground Update”