Remembering Philomena Lynott on “Where the Road Takes Me” This Sunday on C103 at 7pm

Sincere thanks to Presenter, John Greene, for advance information on this Sunday’s programme.  (S.R.)

On Monday last, Philomena Lynott, mother of rock star Phil Lynott was laid to rest in Dublin.

A regular visitor to West Cork, she had featured on a number of editions of ‘Where the road takes me’.

On this week’s edition of the programme, John Greene looks back at a number of conversations he had with her.

Her early life was spent in what was then referred to as ‘A home for unmarried mothers’, where she was the victim of physical and mental cruelty.

The latter part was spent campaigning to have her son’s music and talent remembered, but his lifestyle avoided.

She speaks about her last few days with her rock star son,  and being the last to know about the drug-abuse that killed him.

We hear from Trevor Thompson from Douglas Road in Cork, regarded by Philomena as her son’s biggest fan.


                                    The Bandon priest who married the rock star, and administered at his English funeral service.                 (Fr. Brian D’Arcy officiated at the Irish service).

‘Philomena Lynott – A regular Irish Mother  –  this Sunday evening on ‘Where the road takes me’ at 7 on C103.

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