Millstreet Knitting Together Supporting Greater Chernobyl Cause

Fiona Corcoran, Chief Executive/Founder “The Greater Chernobyl Cause” (in centre with purple cap) was delighted to accept from “Millstreet Knitters Together” a wonderful variety of beautifully knitted caps etc. as well as sacks of clothes for the most praiseworthy cause. Click on the images to enlarge. (S.R.)
“Millstreet Knitters Together” meet on a weekly basis at Main Street and have, over the years, supported many wonderful causes through their very creative knitting projects. And there’s always a welcome cuppa and scones at the end of each session.
We thank Mary Buckley of Laught for alerting us to this excellent local Group whose work and support is most impressive.

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  1. What a lovely group of ladies to be involved with and what great causes we have knitted for. The ladies are only ready, willing and able to help the next charity we hear about. Its thanks to Patricia Messenger and 103fm that I heard about this lovely lady Fiona Corcoran founder of “The Greater Chernobyl Cause” and it just go to show that you should support local radio. She was most grateful with our knitting etc and has promised to call again. Thanks Patricia for keeping North Cork informed about everything.

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