“Where the Road Takes Me” on C103 at 7pm Sunday

We thank Presenter, John Greene, for advance information on this Sunday evening’s radio programme.  (S.R.)

This year the band ‘Natural Gas’ celebrates thirty years together.  Mention lead singer Tim o’Riordan, and the ‘Langer Song’ is almost certain to enter
the conversation.

On this week’s edition of ‘Where the road takes me’,  John Greene aims to prove that there’s much more strings to Tim’s bow as a singer-songwriter, than humerous songs.

His new album ‘Taibhse’ (Tivesha) which means spirit or ghost, includes originals about an iconic traveller woman who became a famous folk singer, the fighting men of Crossbarry,  a Nazi spy in North Cork, and a poignant
Christmas song.

The band have also recently returned from a tour of Canada, Australia, Russia and Abu Dhabi.

Loads of chat, and songs from the new album, as John Greene meets Tim O‘Riordan of Natural Gas – this Sunday evening on ‘Where the road takes
me’ on C103 at 7.

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