Census 2016: Are we too reliant on manufacturing?

The Irish Independent notes today that in 2016, Millstreet had the second highest reliance on the manufacturing industry as an employer in the country:

“… some towns are heavily reliant on just one industry. For example, in seven towns, more than 25pc of the workforce were employed in manufacturing in April 2016 – they include Ballyhaunis, in Co Mayo, where 41.88pc of workers are in the sector, followed by Millstreet, in Co Cork, at 33.92pc…” [1]

From a community perspective, you’d prefer a broader spread of the workforce across industries, because in our case we may be too exposed to a shock to the manufacturing sector. At the same time we’re glad to have Alps, Munster Joinery, and the other smaller manufacturers in the area for the jobs they bring.

Detailed employment tables for Millstreet are below, though just the town and not include the surrounding hinterland. 


Millstreet – Population Aged 15 Years and Over 2016 (Number) by Towns by Size, Sex, Principal Economic Status and Census Year [1]
Both sexesBoth SexesMaleFemale
All persons aged 15 years and over1271663608
Employer or own account worker775819
Assisting relative000
Unemployed looking for first regular job633
Unemployed having lost or given up previous job804535
Student or pupil1005446
Looking after home/family96492
Unable to work due to permanent sickness or disability633825
Other economic status642


Population Aged 15 Years and Over in the Labour Force 2016 by Towns by Size, Sex, Intermediate Occupational Group and Census Year [1]

Millstreet (2016)Both sexesMaleFemale
Total in labour force773458315
Corporate managers and directors34286
Other managers and proprietors1578
Science, research, engineering and technology professionals20155
Health professionals20614
Teaching and educational professionals22319
Business, media and public service professionals19910
Science, engineering and technology associate professionals16115
Health and social care associate professionals615
Protective service occupations642
Culture, media and sports occupations202
Business and public service associate professionals271710
Administrative occupations451332
Secretarial and related occupations808
Skilled agricultural and related trades10100
Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades76697
Skilled construction and building trades71683
Textiles, printing and other skilled trades22166
Caring personal service occupations31229
Leisure, travel and related personal service occupations14212
Sales occupations321220
Customer service occupations303
Process, plant and machine operatives824141
Transport and mobile machine drivers and operatives36351
Elementary trades and related occupations24168
Elementary administration and service occupations452223
Other/not stated814833
Unemployed – looking for first regular job633


Millstreet Population Aged 15 Years and Over 2016 by Towns by Size, Sex, Socio-Economic Group [1]

Both sexesMaleFemale
All socio-economic groups1271663608
A. Employers and managers1257253
B. Higher professional513417
C. Lower professional1334390
D. Non-manual19152139
E. Manual skilled25519659
F. Semi-skilled1366769
G. Unskilled582929
H. Own account workers573819
I. Farmers23176
J. Agricultural workers1073
Z. All others gainfully occupied and unknown232108124


Millstreet Population Aged 15 Years and Over in the Labour Force 2016 by Towns by Size, Sex, Broad Industrial Group [1]

Both SexesMaleFemale
Total in labour force773458315
Agriculture, forestry and fishing (A)13112
Mining and quarrying (B)000
Manufacturing (C)23015476
Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply (D)110
Water supply; sewerage, waste management and remediation activities (E)440
Construction (F)45432
Wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles (G)905337
Transportation and storage (H)33303
Accommodation and food service activities (I)271512
Information and communication (J)945
Financial and insurance activities (K)1248
Real estate activities (L)312
Professional, scientific and technical activities (M)18126
Administrative and support service activities (N)1358
Public administration and defence; compulsory social security (O)20128
Education (P)38533
Human health and social work activities (Q)511239
Arts, entertainment and recreation (R)615
Other service activities (S)15213
Activities of households as employers producing activities of households for own use (T)000
Activities of extraterritorial organisations and bodies (U)000
Industry not stated594118
Unemployed looking for first regular job633
Unemployed, having lost or given up previous job804535


Unemployment Rates in the local area

Unemployment Rates
Towns 1,000 – 1,499 population10.22%
Total Towns 500 – 999 population9.53%
Towns under 500 population but with at least 50 inhabited houses9.42%
Remainder of country5.93%


Population of Millstreet by sex and age group [1]
Millstreet (2016)Both SexesMaleFemale
All ages1555794761
0 – 4 years953758
5 – 12 years1648381
13 – 18 years834142
19 – 24 years814437
25 – 34 years227112115
35 – 44 years277163114
45 – 54 years19810989
55 – 64 years1658778
65 – 74 years1567383
75 years and over1094564



The raw data above is from the Central Statistics Office: Profile 11 – Employment Occupations and Industry

CSO: Press Statement Census 2016 Results Profile 11 – Employment, Occupations and Industry


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