Millstreet Vintage Club Presentation of 4,055 Euro into the Jacob Nowak Trust

On Friday Night last Millstreet Vintage Club made a Presentation at the K and L Premises in Millstreet of 4,055 Euro into the Jacob Nowak Trust which was the Proceeds of the Vintage Clubs recent Charity Truck Run,Jacob who was Born without Eyes suffers from an exceptionally rare condition called Anophthalmia whereby his eyes never formed in their sockets before his birth,the Family of Jacob were humbled by the Fantastic response and generosity of the People of Millstreet and Surrounding Area and Jacobs Father Mariusz Nowak who was present on the Night of the Presentation thanked Millstreet Vintage Club for Organising the Truck Run and said that the Proceeds made from the Event will play a big part in making life a lot easier for Jacob,Mikey P Kelleher who headed up the Millstreet Vintage Club Organising Team that ran the Charity Truck Run was delighted with the success of the Event and thanked the generosity of all the People that supported the cause and to Everybody that helped to make the Truck Run happen and wished Jacob and the Nowak Family all the best for the future,
Many thanks to Tom Corbett and Sean Radley for taking Photos of the Presentaion and to K and L for the use of there Premises to make the Presentaion on the Night.

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