“Where the Road Takes Me” This Sunday at 7pm on C103

We thank Presenter John Greene for advance information regarding this evening’s programme.  (S.R.)

Built on the grounds of the old work-house, Bantry General Hospital which opened in 1959 has survived many threats of closure down through the years.

Since then, talk of closure has changed to talk of expansion, while the
present day hospital boasts a medical assessment unit, diagnostics and day surgical services.

This week on ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene pays a visit to the
hospital to speak to people who have worked here down through the years.

Having a nursing home within an acute hospital is very rare, so there’s also a visit to St. Joseph’s Unit to meet the staff, and its older residents who now call it home.

Where the road takes me – this Sunday evening at 7 – on C103.

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