I am looking for my Cronin/Lucy Relatives

My name is John P Cronin and my Great-Grandfather Micheal Cronin immigrated to America in 1883, he married a women by the name of Katherine Danahy and had three sons and two daughters. His family was located in Boherbue/Boherboy near Kilmean, my great Grandfather had 10 brothers and sisters, of which one was a Johanna Cronin. One of her children or grandchildren named Sheila married a Tim Lucy. We in America received a letter in 1986 from the Lucy family, there is also a mention of a Catherine Cronin, unfortunately, no one followed up on this letter, now thirty years have gone by so I am attempting to find more of my roots, any information would be gratefully appreciated!

Update: This article’s cross-post to facebook has a number of comments which may be helpful

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