Census 2016: Polish Population of Millstreet highest in the Country

Once again, Millstreet Town has the highest percentage  of Polish people in the country, as it was for the 2006 census, but had moved to 5th for the 2011 census. The census says that 259 Polish nationals were living here, making up 17% of the population.

The below details are from the Central Statistics Office:

The population of Millstreet in county Cork was 17 per cent Polish, making it the town with the highest proportion of Polish nationals.

Table 2.2 Population Usually Resident in the State by Town of Usual Residence, Nationality, and Statistic, 2016
Town population Polish population % Polish
Millstreet, Cork 1,560 259 17
Ballymahon, Longford 1,866 273 15
Bunclody-Carrickduff 1,955 251 13
New Ross, Wexford 8,072 987 12
Fermoy, Cork 6,594 774 12

Open in Excel: Census 2016 – Non-Irish Nationalities Living in Ireland – Table 2.2 (XLS 11KB)



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