Looking for relatives of Timothy Foley

I am looking for relatives of TIMOTHY FOLEY who lived in the Millstreet area. He was born at Doon (Doonasleen) on the 17 July 1902. I recall being told his daughter played cards at Marion’s Bar (McCarthy’s Bar) some 12 or 14 years ago. I myself am from Doon trying to help a relative of the Foleys in Idaho USA. Like to know where Foleys are buried. I suspect the old cementery Cullen. She is visiting Ireland in August, and any help is welcome. I live in New York. Would like to hear from you. <email>


Born in Doonasleen, Cullen, Ireland on 17 Jul 1902 to Jeremiah Foley and Hannah F Leary. Timothy Foley married Margaret Daly and had six children. He passed away on 6 Aug 1986 in Ballintubber (Ballintober) Kanturk, Cork, Ireland. [1]

Ancestry Tree (Elizabeth Lane)


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  1. Thanks, this the person Timmy Foley orginally from Doon. I knew his sisters Julann and Maria (Mrs Jack Herlihy) knowing where father Jer Foley and daughters were buried i suspect Cullen Old Cementry, or on church grounds. I will pursue this. A friend from Cloughoula knows Grace Dennehy, my problem is an ok from a relative to give her details to Trudey Simpson of Idaho – her gggrand father Jer Foley in islandbrack died in Millstreet hospital age 40, six children and wife emmigrated to Idaho around 1889 to work in gold mines.

  2. Tim Foley from Doonasleen is my Grandfather. He is buried in St Marys Millstreet with his wife Margaret. As far as I know Jeremy ah is buried in Old Cullen Cemetary with his daughters but there doesn’t appeareally to be a stone erected. A plaque has been placed on the wall by my Father, Denis Foley (Tim’s son)

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