Celina’s Shave or Dye Fundraiser Night

I will be volunteering in India for 10 weeks in total starting March 26th in the Himalayas for 4 weeks consisting of teaching, child care and women empowerment, with 2 weeks being spent at a wildlife rescue and conservation area near New Delhi and then another 4 weeks in Kochi (Southern India) teaching, child care and women empowerment.

Shave or Dye fundraiser in aid of Volunteer work in India
The Bush Bar at 8PM
Saturday February 17th
Raffle and spot prizes on the night
All welcome, please come and support.

Connie Hickey, Michael Lucy, Jerry O’Mahony and Mary O’Mahony are just a few candidates that will be waxing or dying their hair on the night. I am shaving off my hair on the night in an effort to raise funds.

A massive thank you to all who have donated to date and continued support to this worthy cause is greatly appreciated – Celina O’Mahony



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