Where the Road Takes Me on C103 at 7pm

We thank Presenter John Greene for information re this week’s programme.(S.R.) 

In this week’s edition of ‘Where the road takes me’, we conclude our two
part programme which looks at the importance of gut health and it’s bearing
on optimal physical and mental health. Gut health is now regarded as a hot
topic in research and medicine.

In the final programme, John Greene takes a look at ongoing research at the
Microbiome Institute at UCC and the Cork Cancer Research Centre.

Fermented foods are vital in promoting a good digestive system, and with
that in mind we pay a visit to the Cultured Food Company in Skibbereen who
produce six different types of fermented cabbage.

We get a lesson on how to make your own fermented cabbage from food
scientist April Danaan, who says that Saurkraut is the King or Queen of
fermented foods.


Skibbereen based nutritional therapist
Majella o’Neill speaks about extra ‘ammunition’ in the toolkit for promoting
good gut health.

‘Where the road takes me’ on C103, this Sunday evening at 7.

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