Genealogy: Patrick O’Sullivan and Hannah Lane

Hello, My brother and I are researching our grandfather Patrick O’Sullivan who was married to Hannah Lane in Millstreet in December 1905.

… His father was a car driver and I know my father Joe (who was apprenticed to Denis Healy of Millstreet as a carpenter in 1929) told me his grandfather (Patrick’s father) drove a jaunting car and was killed in a thunderstorm…

I am coming over from England to visit my brother Joe who lives near Schull at the end of October and we plan on visiting Millstreet during my stay. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, Steve O’Sullivan

Above is a message we got recently, any help with the above would be appreciated. Regardless, we went about to try and find out more about Patrick O’Sullivan: 

Being married in Millstreet, you’d first assume that Hannah is from Millstreet. This is the only Daniel Lane in the 1901 Census that could be her father: Daniel Lane, Coomlogane, but no, Hannah is not living with the family… maybe she was outside the house working  as was the norm back then, and sure enough one popped up with the name slightly misspelled:

Residents of a house 56 in Main Street (Drishane, Cork)
Murray Michael 52 Male Head of Family R Catholic shopkeeper
Murray Margaret 42 Female Wife R Catholic

Lane, Hanah, 25yrs, Female, Servant, R Catholic

… so i tried to find a Hannah Lane born in 1876 with a father Daniel, but no such luck. there were a lot of hannah lanes, locally and elsewhere, but the only Hannah/Hanna/Johanna Lane born to father Daniel in the whole country between 1870 and 1890 are these three:


i have no clue as to where to find Patrick O’Sullivan without some age, date of birth or something else to go on. just too many of them around


on 02 December 1905






I could find no other Patrick O’Sullivans married to a Hannah Lane in the registers.


I thought this was them in the 1911 census: Residents of a house 376 in Blarney Street (Cork No. 4 Urban (part of), Cork)

  • OSullivan Patrick 36 Male Head of Family Roman Catholic Co Kerry Master Tailor Read and write Irish and English Married – 5 4 4
  • OSullivan Hannah 28 Female Wife Roman Catholic Cork City – Read and write English Married 5yrs 4 4
  • OSullivan Timothy 4 Son
  • OSullivan Catherine 3 Daughter
  • OSullivan Margaret 2 Female Daughter
  • OSullivan Mary Female Daughter

… and it might have made sense to marry in Millstreet (half way between Cork and Kerry), but it seems not as the children’s names don’t match up in the birth register … and the wife’s maiden name is sheehan (see Catherine’s birth 1908).

…  eventually i failed to find them in the 1911 census which would have been crucial to giving us more information to go on (note: keep trying)


It looks like they moved to Cork soon after getting married.

These are the three children i could find, i’d be fairly certain it’s them (though there may be more that i failed to find):

Birth of THOMAS O SULLIVAN on 12 July 1907, at 2 Hansboro Place, Cork 

See Hansboro which is just above the Train Station

Birth of TIMOTHY O SULLIVAN on 19 May 1910, 382 Blarney Street, Cork



see 382 Blarney Street

Birth of JOSEPH O SULLIVAN on 28 September 1913, at 44 Barrett’s Buildings, Cork



see 44 Barrett’s Buildings, Cork

… but in the end we failed to find Patrick or where he came from… he may turn up sometime, with the help of information from others hopefully !


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