In Pictures – 9th September 2017

As summer turns into Autumn, the rain clouds have begun to arrive, but there is still plenty sunshine around (maybe not this weekend though). Below are a few photos and videos from visitors and locals alike, taken recently in the Millstreet area.

Good Morning

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Some of the American team at the recent Millstreet Horse Trials

It takes all sorts… amazing what you find in Dromagh. #allsorts #suspenders #shennigans

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O’Flynn Medical, formerly Michael O’Sullivan Elec, and originally the Tanyard Creamery

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Willie’s Field, just behind Dairygold

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A wet sun shines on Church Street

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The silage season is nearly gone now

That's it for another year

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Spreading dung … all in a day’s work

The view from over Comeenatrush, looking west towards Caherbarnagh, over Gneeves wind farm

Цветочки🌻🌻🌻 #ирландия #ireland

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Irischer Glückstopf. 🍀 #urlaub #catsofinstagram #grüneinsel #🇮🇪

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from the Clara Loop, on the west side of Clara, looking towards at Caherbarnagh [1]

Actually miss it so much☹️

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#Rainbow 🌈🌈

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Good to see the Outdoor Gym in the Town Park being put to use


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Aileen wanted to be the Pipe Major for Millstreet Pipe Band when she was growing up 🙂

A beautiful picture of St John’s Church, Dromtariffe that was taken by Breda O’Mullane last year

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