Market Day in The Square, 1953

Market Day in The Square, Millstreet in 1953. There’s an interesting mix between the horse-drawn carts and the small lorries.  The photo was taken by William Ryder and appeared recently on Ireland in Old Photographs


The streetscape is very similar:

  • The buildings are generally the same other than the Avonmore building (to the right of the Bank of Ireland) no longer exists.
  • The monument in the Square is actually in the photo, but it is mostly hidden behind the road-signs.
  • The electricity and phone cables are now underground, though the streetlights are onverground

A similar view of the square in 2012 (Google street view), and not a horse drawn vehicle to be seen! Even since this photo the square received a major face-lift, with the reorganisation of the parking, the planting of many trees, new lighting, updated shopfronts … etc

The horse drawn carts are much more romantic sight, and a sign of the slower pace to life, but given the choice between a car and a cart it’s hard to find anyone who would have a cart 🙁


A few questions from the uninformed:

  • Where were all the horses tied up until it was time to go home? the Fair Field?
  • Whose was the M. Moynihan where O’Leary’s Butchers is now located?

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