“Where the Road Takes Me” with John Greene on C103 This Evening at 7

We thank Presenter John Greene for advance notice re this evening’s programme.  (S.R.)

In the second of a two part programme on Where the road takes me, John Greene speaks to Trevis Gleason about life with MS. Gleason is adamant that he doesn’t ‘suffer’ from it, but lives with Multiple Sclerosis.

While no longer cheffing for a living, Trevis still enjoys cooking. With that in mind, we introduce him to a number of local artisan food producers, and using their products, he tells us how to properly cook fish.

Also this week Trevis speaks about the various drugs on offer for MS, and gives us his take on medicinal cannabis, and how we should go about making a decision on its availability here in Ireland. Medicinal cannabis was legally prescribed to him in America.

Trevis Gleason – Life as an award winning Chef – and living with Multiple Sclerosis. – Join John Greene on ‘Where the road takes me’, this Sunday evening at 7, on C103.

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