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“An outspoken lover of friendly banter, music and the holy spirit, Millstreet born John Casey has been at work handcrafting rubber stamps in NYC since the early 1980s. For years Casey ran his custom stamp workshop on 7th Avenue in the West Village, but in 2003 transported his operation to a little storefront on East 11th Street. The bulk of Casey’s stamp production is done for local entrepreneurs, graphic designers and fashion industry folks. Wedding-related items and stamps for children are also common. Several shelves of previous projects are on display and, much like a tattoo parlor, Casey has a massive portfolio of stock designs. Customized, one-off projects keep the place humming, however. Casey streamlined this process when he invested in his own machine to mold the stamps’ wood backings. Turnaround time was cut to a day or two, depending on the complexity of the job. The shop also carries a wide selection of inks, though Casey doesn’t make those himself. Even if you’re not in the market for rubber stamps, head over for some quality conversation, it’s well worth your time.” – shopIkon


John grew up across from St.Mary’s graveyard in Millstreet. He was in school with our own Seán Radley. In his own words:  “I tell people that my grandparents came down from the mountains (beyond Tullig, up by Aubane/Mushera area, I have forgotten exactly where) and I still sound like this.  Pretty close to the truth.” He still has lots of cousins in Millstreet.

The next time I’m in NY, i’ll be calling in!



John C. “Squirrel” Casey,
322 East 11th Street (Between First & Second Avenues),
New York,
NY 10003,
ph: 917.669.4151 / facebook / instagram /





WNYC New York Public Radio – Even in an age when most offices and many homes are equipped with laser printers, a simple rubber stamp does the trick for notaries, postal workers and those who demand a satisfying red “Confidential” stamp for delicate papers. For owner John Casey and the customers at Casey Rubber Stamps in the East Village, stamps are also a way of expressing creativity and whimsy … full article.
In the audio below it’s easy to see that his accent hasn’t steered much from home!

Stamp and ink shop lives on in New York City’s East Village – John Casey’s stamp-and-ink shop is a throwback to a simpler era, without computers and sky-high prices. Here’s how it has beaten the odds in a high-rent neighborhood … full article

Everyday should be a Red Letter Day: In New York City, I found my Disneyland – my own personal version of the happiest place on earth. After a long day of vending at the book fair, the Baron and I high-tailed it down to the east village to a place called Casey Rubber Stamps. While in SF, and before leaving for NYC, a couple postal-modern friends of mine assured me that Casey’s was where it was at. “It’s well worth your time,” one friend told me. “J.C. will set you up,” another enthused. I thought I had a pretty good idea… full article

Casey Rubber Stamps: Get custom stamps in a quick turnaround from true stamp experts. The shop is tiny and cluttered with unique stamp samples on every wall. The hole-in-the wall charm turns up a notch once you meet the owner, John Casey. Beating the odds of staying in business for over 35 years Casey trusts in the idea that people still value the tangible … full article




“… Casey has caterpillar eyebrows and bushy mutton chops scrambling halfway to his chin. When I visited, he pulled his white hair back into a ponytail, though some strands escaped, and tucked reading glasses into the neck of a loose, striped t-shirt. Like the rakish owner of a perfectly worn-in dive bar, it’s hard to imagine the joint without him.
One recent afternoon, a man who lives down the block sorted through the stamps with one hand, clutching kombucha in the other. He brandished a crosshatched molar and mandible for a dentist friend, and chatted with Casey about the music lineup at a local pub; they both stop by to listen to bluegrass and jazz. “The only difference between here and the pub is that I drink more in the pub,” Casey says. He lobs quips at anyone who comes in, punning in an Irish brogue… Why This Weird Little Rubber Stamp Shop Leaves a Lasting Impression (Sep 29, 2016) [fb]




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  1. Hi John C , Jim and I so enjoyed you chat about your rubber stamps,
    You made one for Jim and I still have it,
    Many more years in you successful business,

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