Cahill: Trying to Connect with my Relatives in Ireland

I am in the process of doing my family history in hopes of connecting with relatives in Ireland. My great grandfather Cornelius D. Cahill was born in Umeraboy, Cullen Parish in 1864. He moved with his family to Glenamucklagh West (between Newmarket and Rockchapel) around 1870, but emigrated to the USA around 1887. He had 9 brothers and sisters, of whom seven emigrated to the USA.

Two family member we know of stayed in Ireland and we are focusing on these to see if anyone knows/remembers them:

  • My great granduncle Patrick Cahill who stayed at home. He married Annie Pigott, a neighbour, and they had one child Daniel, who also emigrated, but was present at home at he deaths of his parents in 1948 and 1961. The Pigotts and Cahills seems closely linked and the families were living together in 1911.
  • My great grand aunt Ellen who married a McCarthy and was still alive in 1945, but we have no trace of her.

1961 isn’t that long ago, and we would be grateful if anyone remembers the Daniel or his parents Patrick & Annie of Glenamucklagh, or if anyone knew of Ellen McCarthy that we can’t find.

Donald Cahill, Baldwinsville, New York, USA <email>

Below is a quick summary of the family we know of and what happened to them:


Donald’s gg grandparents Daniel and wife Mary lived at Umeraboy, Cullen until about 1870, and then moved to Glenamucklagh (west of Newmarket). Daniel was a farm labourer.

  • Daniel Cahill ( – 22nd Aug 1897, age 63 yrs)
  • Mary Murphy ( – 27th Aug 1908, age 64 yrs)

Many of their children emigrated and moved to the Glens Falls area of New York

  • Cornelius Cahill (1864 – 1947), moved to Glens Falls ~1876, Married Julia Crosby from Athy, and had a large family.
  • John Cahill (1866 – 1894) Moved to Glens Falls, but died in 1894
  • Timothy Cahill (1868 – ~1950) emigrated to Glens  Falls ~1886, Married Nora in 1907 and had two children
  • Patrick Cahill (1869 – 1946) remained in Glenamucklagh, married his neighbour Annie Pigott, one son Daniel, who emigrated in 1922, but was present at home when his parents died in 1946 and 1961
  • Daniel Cahill (1871 – ) moved to Glens Falls, may have died in 1906, or married a Leah Akin later
  • Ellen Cahill (1875 – ), Married McCarthy – living in ireland 1945 – unable to track her down
  • David P Cahill (1877 – 1st Jan 1945), to america in 1900, bachelor, died in Hudson Falls 1945
  • Jeremiah Cahill (1879 – 1918) – emigrated in 1900, married Lucy Church in 1910, one son- Bernard (1915). but Jeremiah died of typhoid in 1918.
  • Maurice Cahill (1882 – ) unknown
  • Margaret Mary Cahill (1883 – )  married Warner F. Lahey in 1912, no children, possibly died 1930s.
  • Julia Cahill (1885 – ) emigrated around 1903, married Frank Roche from Carthage NY in 1912 and lived there. Children: Anna Mae, Madeline, and Francis





Locating where they lived:


Children of Daniel Cahill and Mary Murphy

  • Cornelius Cahill (17th Feb 1864 – 1947) [baptism] Born in Umeraboy (gg grandfather)
  • John Cahill (24th Jan 1866 – 1894)
  • Timothy Cahill (12th Jan 1868 – )
  • Patrick Cahill (20th Nov 1869 – )
  • Daniel Cahill (2nd Dec 1871 – ) First child born in Glenamucklagh
  • Ellen Cahill (16 Nov 1875 – ), Married McCarthy – living in ireland 1945 – unable to track her down
  • David Cahill (16th June 1877 – 1st Jan 1945), to america in 1900, bachelor, died in Hudson Falls
  • Jeremiah Cahill (1st May 1879 – 1918) – emigrated to Glens Falls (??) in 1900, married 1910, one son- Bernard (1915). Jeremiah died in 1918.
  • Maurice Cahill (19th Feb 1882 – )
  • Margaret Mary Cahill (4th Sept 1883 – ) [*2], Married Warner F. Lahey in 1912, no children, possibly died 1930s.
  • Julia Cahill (5th Sept 1885 – ), married Frank Roche from Carthage in 1912 and lived there. Children: Anna Mae Roche (1915), Madeline Roche, (1918), and Francis Roche (1922)
there is no sign of any of the children dying in either Millstreet or Kanturk areas from 1865-1901, so that may be the lot of them.

Cahills of Glenamucklagh West in the Census of Ireland 1901

Residents of a house 17 in Glenamucklagh West (Barnacurra, Cork)
Show all information

  • Surname / Forename / Age / Sex / Relation to head / Religion / Birthplace / Occupation / Literacy / Irish / Language / Marital Status / Specified Illnesses
  • Cahill Mary 56 Female Mother R Catholic Co Cork Farmer Read and write Irish and English Widow –
  • Cahill Patrick 29 Male Son R Catholic Co Cork Farmer’s Son Read and write English Not Married –
  • Cahill Julia 14 Female Daughter R Catholic Co Cork Farmer’s Daughter Read and write English Not Married –


JOHN CAHILL (24th Jan 1866 – 1894)

  • Born on 24th Jan 1866 in Ummeraboy
  • Baptised 28 January 1866 in Rathmore Parish. Sponsored by Patrick Cahill and Ellen Cahill
  • Died in 1894, and buried in Saint Mary’s Cemetery, South Glens Falls. See his Grave (14C), which also asks if he was the husband of Catherine?TODO, any more?



  • Born 12th Jan 1868Baptised the same day in Rathmore Parish.
  • Emigrated 1876 (or maybe 1886)
  • Enlisted 1885: (?possibly): enlisted 1885-1889 naval service
  • 1907 Directory: Timothy Cahill, 30 Hudson av, Glens Falls
  • Married Nora Herlihy (1880-1961) approx 1907 –
  • Son Edward born 1908
  • Daughter Mary Agnes born 2 Feb 1909 ( Tree)
  • 1910 census: 62 Maple St, Glens Falls; Timothy 41; Nora A 36; 3 yrs married; Edward 2; Mary 1; Industry: working out; 28 weeks out of work
  • 1915 census: Timothy, 24 yrs in the US, a fireman
  • 1918 Directory:
  • 1920 Census: 7 Byrne Ave, Glens Falls; Tim 52, a labourer ; Catherine (?) 42; Edward 12; Mary 10. (Tim and Catherine’s fathers were both from Ireland)
  • 1925 census: 7 Byrne Ave; Age 58; 39 yrs in the USA; naturalised Brooklyn 1897; an Ice Borer; also Nora, Edward, Mary (note: 39 yrs in USA would be 1886)
  • 1927 Directory:
  • 1930 census: 7 Byrne Ave (now own the house); Timothy 63, a labourer in gas house; Nora 50; Edward 23, a chauffeur in a tire shop; Mary 21, an electrician in construction
  • 1935 Directory:Timothy F (Nora A), labourer, 7 Byrne Ave
  • 1940 census: Timothy F (?), 7 Byrne Ave, Glens Falls; 72yrs. immigration year 1876; Nora 68
  • Daughter Mary Agnes married Charles Crowley Daly (1903–1979) [His Tree on Ancestry] They had 3 children, but we only know one.
  • 1940 Census: 6 Oneida St.,  Charles Daly 36, a colour tester in a colour factory; Mary 30, a stenographer – contractor supply company; Mary Ellen 1 month; Charles lived in Wanhington,NY in 1935;
  • 1940 Census: 8 Oneida St., Edward F Cahill 33, a gasoline station operator; wife Margaret 32; dau Elizabeth Ann 3
    (two doors  down from his sister Mary Agnes)
  • 1954 Directory Glens Falls: Cahill Edward F (Margaret) service mgr The Tire Shop, h8 Oneida.  Cahill Nora A wid Timothy F r15 Byrne ave
  • Did Edward die by accident in 1954 of CO poisoning?
  • 1957 Directory: Charles C (Mary A) emp IP&CCorp h15 Byrne Ave
  • Wife Nora died 1961
  • Daughter Mary Agnes Daly died 4 May 2000 at Fort Edward



Jeremiah H. Cahill (1st May 1879 – 5th Jan 1918)

  • David an Jeremiah left Queenstown on 10 May 1900 on the SS Teutonic; both agricultural labourers; aged 23 & 20. [outbound list]
  • They arrived in New York on May 17th 1900; gave their last address as Newmarket, and their destination as Glens Falls. David is described as having a “burn head”. [inbound list]
  • Marriage of Jeremiah Cahill and Lucy L Church on 27 Jan 1910 at Glen Falls. Jeremiah was 30 yrs, living in Lawrence, Mass, a Tea Agent, with parents Daniel Cahill and Mary Murphy. Lucy was 27 yrs, from South Glen Falls, a housekeeper, born in South Glens falls, parents Lorenzo B Church and Julia Mumblo. Witnesses: Lorenzo D Church, and Julia Cahill.
  • Lucy (1905 census): daughter of Lorenzo, Labour at Kelp Mill, South Glens falls. The oldest of 7 children, aged 23, a houseworker.
  • Birth of Bernard Cahill on 16 Feb 1915, at 29 Easton, Lawrence, Mass. to Jeremiah H. Cahill, and Lucy L. Church. Parents residence: 29 Easton, father’s occupation: driver, places of birth: Ireland, Glens Falls
  • Death Cert: died on 05 Jan 1918 of Typhoid Fever at the Municipal Hospital in Lawrence, Essex, Mass, USA. Address 46 Dorchester St. Wife: Lucy Cahill. Buried in St.Mary’s Cemetery, Glens Falls on 9th Jan 1918. (there are some ambiguties here: father joseph, dob, but other documents would still support it.)
  • Lucy & Bernard (1920 Census): Age:37,5; home: 8 Jay St, Glens Falls Ward 1, Warren, New York; Marital Status: Widowed; home rented; Able to Read: yes; Able to Write: Yes
  • 1925 Census: Lucy has married a Henry M Johnson, a chauffeur, and Bernard is listed as ‘son’. Living at #7 1/2 Centre Street, Hudson Falls, NY
  • 1931 directory: Johnson Henry M. (Lucy L), chauffeur U B & P Corp, h 6 William St
  • 1940 Census: Lucy and Henry owned 86 Oak Street, Hudson Falls. Henry now a town clerk. Bernard is gone!
    Lucy’s husband Henry died in 1953 after a long illness

notes: Bernard after 1925? what became of Lucy?



  • Marriage of Margaret Cahill and Warner F Lahey (1884(5)-1962)   on 2 Nov 1912 in Glens Falls. Witnesses David Cahill & Julia Cahill. Daughter of Daniel Cahill and Mary Murphy.
  • 1917 Warner was drafted – address ???, Jefferson, NY. her second name given as Mary
  • 1920 census in Wilna, Jefferson, NY
  • 1930 census in 15 North Main St., Norwood, Lawrence NY. Warner F, a papermaker at the paper mill; Margaret
  • 1940 census, Warner F had a new wife – Blanche, who he divorced soon after, and married again in 1948






  • No sign of Daniel marrying, but he was present at his mother’s death in 1961. From the current data, it’s impossible to know if he returned at some stage full time to the farm, or if he returned periodically when his parents were ill.
  • Patrick’s wife Annie Pigott may be important when inquiring locally. Patrick and Annie were neighbours, so the families would have known each other well. There are still Pigotts in the Newmarket / Rockchapel areas.



  • David an Jeremiah left Queenstown on 10 May 1900 on the SS Teutonic; both agricultural labourers; aged 23 & 20. [outbound list]
  • They arrived in New York on May 17th 1900; gave their last address as Newmarket, and their destination as Glens Falls. David is described as having a “burn head”. [inbound list]
  • 1910 Census: Kingsbury, Washington, NY; Daniel P Cahill, 38; immigration year 1899, naturalised; Farm Labourer – hired man
  • 1925 Census: With his brother Cornelius and family at 60 Boulevard; 25 yrs in US, naturalised in Hudson Falls; a Janitor
  • 1929 Directory Glens Falls: Cahill David P, janitor Knights of Columbus rooms, r 60 Boulevard
  • 1929 Directory Glens Falls: Cahill David P, janitor Knights of Columbus rooms, r 60 Boulevard (same details for the 1931, 1932, 1933, 1934 Directories)
  • 1930 Census: David appears in the 1930 census boarding with his brother’s family (Cornelius). It says he is “Single, and a janitor at club rooms”
  • He appears with on a draft registration card from 1942, David Peter Cahill, 60 boulevard Hudson falls, washington, NY. Contact: Blanche Cahill, same address (his nephew David A’s wife, who he must have been living with); Employer: Knights of Columbus; Born in Newmarket Co.Cork, 15th June 1887
  • Died 1 Jan 1945: Obituary: David P. Cahill, Hudson Falls, Dies. David P Cahill, a well known Hudson Falls resident; died suddenly at 7:15 A.M. Monday at the Carleton Hotel, where he resided. Mr. Cahill, who for the past three years had been night clerk at the Carleton, also served for 15 years as steward at the Knights of Columbus Home. A resident here for the past 40 years, Mr. Cahill formerly operated a farm at Dunhams Basin. He was a member, of. St. Mary’s Church and Hudson Falls Council, Knights of Columbus.
    Survivors are two brothers, Cornelius Cahill, Hudson Falls, and Patrick Cahill, Ireland; two sisters, Ellen McCarthy, Ireland, and Mrs Frank Roach; Carthage; several nieces and nephews.
    The body has been removed to the Carleton Funeral Home, 68 Main Street, where friends may call, any time. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 9 A.M. In St. Mary’s Church, this village. Interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery, South Glen Falls. – the Post Star, Glens Falls, NY, Tuesday January 2nd, 1945 
  • This is his Grave



Ellen is mentioned as Mrs. Ellen McCarthy, Ireland in David’s obituary. I looked and looked but failed 🙁 it will surely turn up at some stage



There is some contradiction, between daniel and david here, but in the 1940 census the name is definitely Daniel married to Leah in the census. still not 100% though.

ot 100% that it’s the correct Daniel that married Leah. There is a directory entry for Glens Falls in 1907: “Cahill Daniel labourer died 26 May 1906”


Julia M Cahill

Julia M Cahill (5th Sept 1885 – ), married Frank Roche from Carthage in 1912 and lived there. Children:, , and

1901 Census: Cahill Julia 14 Female Daughter R Catholic Co Cork Farmer’s Daughter Read and write English Not Married – (listed with her mother and brother Patrick) TODO:link

  • 1905 census: Julia was working in a hotel at 100 Glen St., Glens Falls, as a maid
  • 1907 Directory: Cahill Julia Miss, emp Rockwell House (Rockwell House was located in downtown Glens Falls. The hotel was built in 1871 by brothers George H. and Hiram J. Rockwell of Luzerne, N.Y. The hotel opened unofficially on February 12, 1872 and had its official opening on February 22. It burned in 1950 [picture])
  • 1910 census: same details as the 1905 census
  • She was a witness at her brother’s marriage to Lucy Church in 1910.
  • Marriage of Francis J Roach and Julia M Cahill 8th April 1913, in Glens Falls. Julia is also named as Mrs Frank Roache, Carthage, in David P’s obituary (1944)
  • 1915~: birth of daughter Anna Mae Roche
  • 1917: birth of daughter Madeline Frances Roche, (6 July 1917- 8 July 2006)
  • 1920 census: Frank P (?) Roche – Labourer – Paper Mill, Julia N (?) Cahill
  • 1923: birth of son Francis C Roche (1922-26 Sept 1993)
  • 1923 Directory:Frank Roach (Julia) 345 S Clinton, Carthage, New York, USA. Employee of the NPP Corporation
  • 1924 Directory: 510 West St, Carthage, emp NPP Corp
  • 1925 census: 510 West St, Carthage. Job: Mill Wright
  • 1930 census: 512 West St, Carthage
  • 1940 census: Frank Roche (51), Julia Roche (45), Anna M Roche (25), Madeline Roche, (22), Francis Roche (18) married 28 years at that stage. 602 Alexandria St., Carthage
  • 1948 Directory:  r224 Church St, Carthage: Roche Anna Mae employed BMfgCo, Francis C emp NPP Co Div, Frank C (Julia) emp NPP Co, Madeline
  • 1955 Directory: r224 Church St, Carthage: Roche Anna Mae employed BMfgCo, Francis C retired, Frank C (Julia) emp BPCo, Madeline
  • 1958 Directory: same details as 1955 directory
  • Madeline was married to  Samuel P Ferris in 1970. He was married previously with a family. He died who died in 1990, but was predeceased by two children. Madeline died in 2006 in Carthage. Her brother Frank was noted as living in the house at 222 State St. in 1993 (most likely with Madeline)
  • JURY DISMISSES SUIT VS. VERNON DOWNS: A jury on Wednesday dismissed a suit brought by Madeline F. Ferris, Carthage, against Vernon Downs owners in state Supreme Court. The Watertown panel found no cause for action by Mrs. Ferris, of 222 State St., who claimed she fell and injured herself at Vernon Downs Sept. 18, 1986. She and her husband, Samuel P. Ferris Jr., had charged Midstate Raceway Inc. with negligence. Complete Article, 65 words: Purchase article: Published on June 23, 1988, Page 19, Watertown Daily Times
  • 1990: Samuel P. Ferris Jr., 76, of 222 State St., former proprietor of Ferris’s Billiard Hall, died at 9:45 p.m. Wednesday in the Carthage Area Hospital, where he had been a patient six days. The funeral will be at 9 a.m. Saturday at St. James Catholic Church, with the Rev. James T. Spenard, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in St. James Cemetery. Calling hours will be 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. Friday at the McGraw Funeral Home. Surviving are his wife, Madeline F.; a son, Richard Complete Article, 269 words: Purchase article : May 24, 1990, Page 34, Watertown Daily Times
  •  1993 Directory: Frank Roche, 222 State St, Carthage, zip:13619, ph:315-493-3517
  • 1993: FRANCIS C. ROCHE, CARTHAGE, DIES AT AGE 73: Francis C. Roche, 73, of 222 State St., died Sunday evening in the House of the Good Samaritan, Watertown, where he had been a patient for two weeks. A funeral Mass will be said at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at St. Regis Church, Deferiet, with the Rev. James T. Spenard, pastor, officiating. Burial will be in St. James Cemetery.  Arrangements are with the Bezanilla-McGraw Funeral Home. There will be no calling hours. He is survived by his sister, Madeline F. Ferris, Carthage. Complete Article, 141 words: Purchase article : September 27, 1993, Page 28, Watertown Daily Times
  • 2006: MADELINE F. FERRIS – Madeline Frances Ferris, 89, formerly of 222 State St., died early Saturday at Country Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Centre, where she had resided since June 2001. Mrs. Ferris was a clerk at the former F.W. Woolworth Co. department store and the former Grand Union, both in Carthage. Born July 6, 1917, in Carthage, daughter of Frank and Julia Cahill Roche, she graduated from Augustinian Academy. She married Samuel P. Ferris on June 26, 1970, at St. James Catholic Church with Complete Article, 190 words: Purchase article: Published on July 9, 2006, Page B4, Watertown Daily Times


Cornelius Cahill & Julia Crosby (Donald’s g grandfather)

  • Birth: 17th Feb 1864, Born in Umerabee
  • Baptised: 21st Feb 1864 by Rev Edmund Walsh in Rathmore Parish; sponsors: Timothy Murphy & Margaret O’Connor
  • Birth of Julia Crosbie 9th Oct 1868 to Patrick Crosbie and Mary Ivery, in Athy, Co.Kildare
  • 1895-1896: It would appear that Cornelius Cahill and Julia Crosby were married around 1895-1896 [ref: 1930 census]
  • 1905 census: parents Cornelius Julia (page 9), and  children x5 (page 10), a quarryman
  • 1910 census: 8 Cooper St., Glens Falls. Labourer
  • 1920 census: #7 the Boullevard, Kingsbury. Labourer cement work
  • 1925 census: 60 Boulevard. A gardener
  • 1930 census: 60 Boulevard Hudson Falls. no occupation
  • 1940 Census:
  • They had 9+ children (listed below)
  • 1940: Cahill, Julia Crosby, Wife of Cornelious D. Cahill (1879-1940) [*1] Grave, buried at St. Mary’s Church Cemetery, South Glens Falls, NY, USA [] [map]
  • Cahill, Cornelious D., Husband of Julia Crosby (1864-1947) Grave, buried beside his wife Julia

Children & grandchildren of Cornelius Cahill and Julia Crosby

  • Mary E (1895- 10 Sept 1895) 7 months Grave
  • Daniel F (1896- 25 July 1896) 4 months Grave
  • Louise ??? (1896-) listed in the 1905 census as daughter, but as niece Louise Harrison in 1910 census. disappears after that.
  • John P (1898-), Married Norella L Willette (~1899-) in ~1925, children Jeannie B(~1929-), Joyce M (~1936-). [norella may be nonlia]
    1930 Census: living at 15 Lower Allen Street, Fort Edward. aged 27 when married. living with Norella’s sister Alma Willett (1890-) and father John P Willett (1858-). John P and Alma worked at Bag Factory
    1940 Census: Same house (owned).  John P worked at Bag Printing in a Bag Factory
    Jeannie married Robert Rich
    Joyce married Walter Brennan
    1959 Directory: Walter J Brennan Jr (Joyce) emp Tri County Motors Sales, h33 Gage Avenue, Glens Falls
  • Margaret (1900-) no trace
  • Katherine (1903-1932) [refGrave
    Was still living at home in 1930. Married after that and died by 1932.
  • Jeremiah Joseph (19 Feb 1905 – 01 Nov 1965), Married Ethel L Blasdell (21 Aug 1905-Aug. 17. 1979) in ~1926, Children: Lewis Ned (5 May 1929- 11 Aug 2013), Donald (1934-2009)
    1930 Census: Living at Kenworthy Avenus, Glens Falls; Lewis 9 months; married 4 years; an electrician
    1940 Census: living at Flandreaux Ave, Glens Falls; soms Lewis & Donald
    Jeremiah was president of the Empire State Chapter of the International Electrical Signal  Association in the 1940s (see notes below)
    1954 Directory Glens Falls: Cahill Jerry J (Ethel L) City Electrician h140 Ridge
    Jeremiah died on 1 Nov 1965 – obituary
    Ethel died on Aug. 17. 1979 – see the obituary below
    Donald J Cahill: obituary 2009
    Lewis Ned Cahill: see the obituary below
  • David A (1st June 1907 – 19 Oct 1983), Married Blanche F(or P?) (1912-1971) (surname?), daughter Gail M (1935-living)
    [1940 Census (David & Blanche)] 35 1/2 School Street, Hudson Falls, Assistant Foreman, Paper Bag Manufacturing
    1940 Census (Gail): 35 1/2 School Street, Hudson Falls
    Uncle David P lived with them around 1942 (Draft Registration)
    1955 Directory: living at 9 1/2 North Hudson Falls, with Blanche. Gail also (employee of GE)
    1959 Directory: David A, Blanche F, & Gail living at Morgan Drive, Hudson Falls
    Gail M Cahill; b. 26 Aug 1935; ph: 798-5625; Address:65 5th St, Glens Falls, NY, 12801-4140 (1989) [US Public Index Records] [map]
  • Denis Edmund (1909/12/23 – 1995/02/07), Married Ivy Irene Cooke ( 1911–1997) on 02 Oct 1948 at Greenwich, Washington, New York, USA. [see photos] Find a Grave
  • Julia A (3rd Sept 1911 – April 3, 1982) married Capt Richard Keyes (see obituary below)


Mrs. Julia C. Keyes, 70, of Upper Broadway, died Saturday (April 3, 1982) at Glens Falls Hospital following a long illness. Mrs. Keyes was born Sept. 3, 1911 in Glens Falls, the daughter of Cornelius and Julia Crosby Cahill. She was the widow of Capt. Richard Keyes, U.S. Army retired. Mrs. Keyes was employed for a number of years at West Mountain Infirmary. Upon her retirement in 1973, she made her home with her niece, Mrs. Robert (Jeannine) Rich. Survivors are: two brothers, David A. Cahill of Glens Falls and D. Edmund Cahill of Saratoga Springs; two nieces and three nephews. Services will be conducted at 9 a m. Tuesday at the Regan and Denny Funeral Home, 51 Main St., Hudson Falls and 9:30 am. at St. Mary’s Church in Glens Falls. Interment will be in St. Mary’s Cemetery in South Glens Falls. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m. today at the funeral home. The family has suggested memorials in the form of contributions to the Fort Edward Rescue Squad.
 -> from:


JOHN D.. COTTON GLENS FALLS, UP– John D. Cotton of Canandaigua is the new president of the Empire State Chapter of the International Electrical Signal  Association, an  engineers’society. He was elected yesterday to succeed  Jeremiah Cahill of Glens Falls. Other officers -chosen: Vice-presidents, Leo O’Hara, Buffalo, and Calvin A. Gallagher, Cortland; Secretary-Treasurer, Adrian W. Chase, Niagara Falls, National Director and convention delegate, Everett Zeh, Schenectady. The engineers, who work with Police and Fire Department signal equipment and in city lighting systems, selected Canandaigua their 1948 convention
— Daily Messenger from Canandaigua (17 May 1947)
(Jeremiah served two terms as as president of the Chrater)


Man, Woman Hurt ‘., The -most, serious mishap occurred about 6 .o’clock, last evening near’.the railroad -underpass on .-..Massachusetts avenue. Mrs. Rose. M. Crum of 2 Carson ave- nuej Briggs’ville, was headed east when her. car skidded ‘across’.the road and into the fight front ‘of an oncoming .car operated by ‘David A. Cahill of Hudson Falls, N. y. . : · . ,· CaJi’in complained of back and right knee’ injuries and said he would see a doctor. Mrs. Crum was treated by’Dr.’Norman B, ‘McWilliams ‘of’ Williamstown ,f5r bruises’ and-scrapes on her left knee,. chest “and left arm. — The North Adams Transcript Thursday, Jan 22, 1953 page 2


Mrs. Ethel L. Cahill, 73. of 6 Cortland St., Glens Falls, died Friday (Aug. 17. 1979» at Sibley Hospital in Washington. DC. after a short illness. Born Aug. 21. 1905. she was the daughter of Harry and Donna (Pickard) Blasdell. She was the widow of Jerry Cahill. Mrs. Cahill was a reitred employee of the Glens Falls Insurance Co. Survivors include two sons, Dr. Lewis (Ned* Cahill of Rockville, Md., and Donald J Cahill of Baldwinsville; four grandchildren, Lewis Ned Cahill Jr. and Michael H Cahill, both of Glens Falls, Miss Kathleen M Cahill and Donald F.G. Cahill, both of Baldwinsville. Funeral services will be conducted at ll a m. Tuesday at the Regan and Denny Funeral Home, Quaker Road, Glens Falls. The Rev. Richard Bird, associate pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Glens Falls, will officiate. Interment will be in Pine View Cemetery in Queensbury. Friends may call at the funeral home from 2 to 4 p.m. today and 7 to 9 tonight.


… through an amber light is guilty of disobeying a traffic control signal, the same as a motorist passing a red light.”
City Electrician Jeremiah Cahill said the job required 400 feet of conduit and five new steel poles in the square. Walk lights have been installed and will be in operation shortly. When the walk lights become operational, additional traffic control lights will be used. Chief Duggan said motorists should be very careful in the area until they become familiar with all the new lights and their patterns. Mr. Cahill said the walk lights will give pedestrians the right of way in the crosswalks and when a pedestrian gets part of the way across the street and the walk light changes, he has the right to finish crossing to the other side. The pedestrian must not step off the curb until the walk light signals the pedestrian to cross. – 1 June 1960


Miss Helen C. Blasdell Miss Helen C. Blasdell of Stichman Towers, Glens Falls, died Thursday (Sept. 9,    1976) at Glens Flails Hospital following a short illness. Miss Blasdell was a former employe of Imperial Wallpaper Manufacturing Co. She is survived by a sister. Mrs. Ethel Cahill of Glens Falls and two nephews, Donald J. Cahill of Baldwinsville and Dr. Lewis (Ned) Cahill of Rockville, Md Services will be at 2 p.m. Saturday at the Regan and Denny Funeral Home, Quaker Road, Glens Falls. Rev. Douglas P. W’right, pastor of the First Prebyterian Church of Glens Falls, will officiate. Interment will be in Glens Falls Cemetery. Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p m. today at the funeral home


— from Find a Grave

Lewis Ned Cahill [ref]
Lewis Ned Cahill

Birth: May 5, 1929, Glens Falls
Death: Aug. 11, 2013, Blairsville, Union County,Georgia

Lewis Ned Cahill, 84, of Blairsville died peacefully at home August 11, 2013, surrounded by his family. Ned was born on May 5, 1929 in Glens Falls, NY, the elder son of the late Jerry and Ethel Cahill. After graduating from Colgate University, he attended Albany Medical College, receiving the MD degree in 1955.
He served for nine years as a physician in the US Navy, at Naval hospitals in Chelsea, MA; Camp Lejeune, NC; and Bethesda, MD. In 1961, while he was stationed at Camp Lejeune, he was transferred to the Bethesda Naval Hospital to serve as physician for the families of the newly elected President John F. Kennedy and Vice-President Lyndon Johnson at Camp David. He retired from the Navy in 1964 as a Lieutenant Commander, and began a 36-year private practice in internal medicine in Bethesda, MD.
In 2000, Ned and his wife, retired from MD to Blairsville, GA to join family and enjoy mountain living. He came out of retirement for a time, working as a physician in Blairsville, but decided retirement was too much fun to pass up. An avid bridge player since college, he played regularly with the Appalachian Bridge Club until illness forced him to give it up. He enjoyed classical music, was an active member and former vestryman at St. Clare’s Episcopal Church, and was a frequent student in a variety of ICL courses at Young Harris College. Most of all he enjoyed reading. It was often said that he never met a book he didn’t like.

Ned is survived by his devoted wife of 43 years, Ann, two sons and three step children: Ned, Jr. and his wife Beverly, of North Potomac, MD; Michael H. Cahill and his partner Chris Leptak, of Washington, DC; Lea Gaslowitz and her husband Adam, of Atlanta; Sue Bolander and her husband Tom, of West River, MD; and David Marsh and his wife Melissa, of Purcellville, VA.  He had nine grandchildren: Aryn and Zach Gaslowitz; Christine, Abbey, and Matthew Bolander; Sam Cahill; and Lexi, Jackson, and Indra Marsh.  He also leaves nieces and nephews, a sister-in-law, Deborah Burford, of Blairsville, and many loved friends.  His only brother, Donald F. Cahill, predeceased him.
An August 17th memorial service at St. Clare’s Episcopal Church was followed by interment of ashes in  St. Clare’s Memorial Garden, Rev. Frank F. Wilson officiating.  Music was provided by organist and choirmaster Vince Evans.
In lieu of flowers, the family suggests a memorial donation to Doctors Without Borders, Regency Hospice, or St. Clare’s.
Mountain View Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.  You may sign the family guest book and send condolences on line at www.

Saint Clare’s Episcopal Church Memorial Garden
Union County
Georgia, USA

Lewis married June Lebarge on 13 Feb 1952 At St. Alphonsus Church, Glens Falls, Warren, New York, USA. Announcement appeared in the Glens Falls “Post Star”



[*1] note:  1879 contradicts census and all other details in census, birth certs etc,

[*2] note: mother listed as Hanoria in the birth registration – this may be a mistake.

8 thoughts on “Cahill: Trying to Connect with my Relatives in Ireland”

    1. Hello Donald,
      We are intrigued by your posting. We are researching the McCarthy family in this area and we have some McCarthy/Cahill/Mahoney folks there.
      Your message is 17 years old, but if you are still visiting this website, please contact us.
      Diane Rollo and Neil Mahoney and George Pearson
      (if you need to contact directly: <email> )
      Thank You

      1. Hi

        I have also tried to contact Donald Cahill via the email link but have had no reply to date. My father in law is John Christopher Cahill (Jack). His father was Daniel Francis Cahill. Thus making his grandfather Patrick Cahill and great grand uncle Cornelius Cahill. He is keen to contact any family as he may help with information as well as seeking information for himself.

        Mr Tonino Rossi (son in law)


        1. Hello Tonino,
          I just sent you a reply. Please let me know if/when you receive it. I’m very eager to be in contact with you. Thanks.

          Donald Cahill

          1. SMALL WORLD GEORGE!! – Donald it’s a chance to kill 2 birds with one stone as Diane and I are related via McCarthy’s but don’t know where the link is! and I’ve just come across this site right now! My G.M was Sarah McCarthy and her brother was Jeremiah. Her father Jeremiah (1878-1906) m Ellen Ryan but died quite young and apparently they shouldered him all the way from Banteer to Kilcorney!!. Her father was Michael (10-3-1830) who married Sally Cremin (11-12-1840) and I have it that the generation before was also Michael m Margaret O Connell. Jermiah had siblings (I believe a Kathleem, maybe more who went to US, but any help you can give me also Donald I’d much appreciate as unfortunately, my Father, John Pat Kelleher ‘the Joiners’ from Kilcorney could have provided much of this information but is sadly gone.

            Many Thanks,
            As I may never find this site/post again can you please use <email> for replies

  1. Hello again,
    I don’t see my original message, so I’m writing a new one Tonino. I believe your father-in-law could possibly be the same Jackie Cahill from Coventry that a Cork historian, Patrick Buckley, had told me about in 2017. Patrick had met Jackie and his wife Rita and sons Donald and Eric when they were visiting Cork. They were supposed to contact me, but I never heard from them for some reason. I will be in Kinsale, Cork for seven days this August and would love to meet any of the Cahill’s that are around. Patrick had mentioned that there are still some Cahill relatives in Newmarket, Cork and possibly in some of the other local towns as well. I am in Central New York and would love to connect and share family information. I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

    Donald Cahill
    Baldwinsville, NY (USA)

  2. Hi there my name is Diane Pugsley née McCarthy, I am trying to trace my extended family, my father Daniel McCarthy was born in Scarteen Rd Newmarket 8 June 1910 , his dad was John McCarthy and mother was Hannah Murphy, Daniel was baptised in Newmarket and his sponsors were Mary Carhill and John Murphy , and celeb was J Nagle, if any one can help , if there are any relatives. please get in touch, my email is <email>

    kind regards Diane Pugsley nee McCarthy


    1. Hi Diane

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you, sadly I could not find any close links to the Millstreet area.

      Residents of a house 26 in Broad Street (Charleville, Cork)
      Show all information
      Surname Forename Age Sex Relation to head Religion
      ODonnell Hanna 67 Female Head of Family Roman Catholic
      McCarthy John 28 Male Lodger Roman Catholic
      McCarthy Hanna 25 Female Lodger Roman Catholic
      McCarthy Thomas 4 Male Lodger Roman Catholic
      McCarthy Hanna 3 Female Lodger Roman Catholic
      McCarthy Daniel Male Lodger Roman Catholic

      From what I can see John was born in Mountcollins on the Limerick/Kerry border about 40km from us and Hannah Murphy was born in Limerick according to the 1911 Census. Thomas and Daniel their children were born in Kanturk/Newmarket births registered in Kanturk, Hannah was born in Churchtown, registered in Mallow and according to the Census they were now living in Broad Street, Charleville in 1911.

      They did go on to have other children Michael was registered in Kilmallock, address The Glen in 1912, and it looks like they remained in Charleville area.

      Sorry I couldn’t get any more info for you.
      Regards Mary

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