Cahill: Trying to Connect with my Relatives in Ireland

I am in the process of doing my family history in hopes of connecting with relatives in Ireland. My great grandfather Cornelius D. Cahill was born in Umeraboy, Cullen Parish in 1864. He moved with his family to Glenamucklagh West (between Newmarket and Rockchapel) around 1870, but emigrated to the USA around 1887. He had 9 brothers and sisters, of whom seven emigrated to the USA.

Two family member we know of stayed in Ireland and we are focusing on these to see if anyone knows/remembers them:

  • My great granduncle Patrick Cahill who stayed at home. He married Annie Pigott, a neighbour, and they had one child Daniel, who also emigrated, but was present at home at he deaths of his parents in 1948 and 1961. The Pigotts and Cahills seems closely linked and the families were living together in 1911.
  • My great grand aunt Ellen who married a McCarthy and was still alive in 1945, but we have no trace of her.

1961 isn’t that long ago, and we would be grateful if anyone remembers the Daniel or his parents Patrick & Annie of Glenamucklagh, or if anyone knew of Ellen McCarthy that we can’t find.

Donald Cahill, Baldwinsville, New York, USA <email>

Below is a quick summary of the family we know of and what happened to them: [read more …] “Cahill: Trying to Connect with my Relatives in Ireland”