Seeking Photograph of Original Millstreet Creamery

A request to our Millstreet website – Does anyone have a photograph of the original Millstreet Creamery on Drishane Road?  It would be very much appreciated if anyone could email such an image to millstreetmuseum which we shall share with those who made this request.  (S.R.)

Cork Music Station now on Internet Radio – How to Access

It is indeed a true milestone for Cork Music Station to have been launched from today (20th June 2017) on Internet Radio.  Up to now we were an online radio station accessed mainly through computer, ipad and phone.  All this will continue but now we are being broadcast on Internet Radio worldwide.   To discover this on your Internet Radio just go to Menu.  Look for Stations…Local Ireland….Country and that is where Cork Music Station is available as clear as could be worldwide.   Save the station on a particular number and that allows one to immediately turn on the station whenever one wishes by just pressing the chosen button number.   Cork Music Station is a 24/7 Station with the very best Country and Western plus Irish music and song.   Delighted to be involved with “Radio Treasures” on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:00pm.  Happy Listening!  (S.R.) 

Cork Music Station’s Milestone as it Becomes Internet from Today

Radio Treasures tonight from 9:30 for the very first time on Internet Radio!   Below are images from topics features this evening on our programme….Happy Listening!  (S.R.).   Tune in on Internet Radio by going to Local Ireland and going to Country category…and that’s where we are!  Alternatively you can also access on logging into [read more …] “Cork Music Station’s Milestone as it Becomes Internet from Today”

Eily’s Report – 20th June

Dia is mhuire diobh go leir a Cairde and welcome to my weekly report.

I hope you’re making the most of this spell of beautiful warm sunny weather.

Our  annual Corpus Christi Parade was blessed with sunshine on Sunday last after the 11.30 Mass and a large crowd took part.

And on Monday night Fr. Paddy O Byrne celebrated Mass at Tubrid Well and again a large crowd attended.

The good news here at the moment is that we no longer have to boil our water supply which comes from our holy Tubrid Well. The new filter system has been installed in record time, and we are free to use the precious liquid direct from the tap. Visitors to the Well will find that they will no longer have to bend down to get a cup of water. A nice tap has been put in place plus with a supply of cups.  People continue to flock to this Holy place  where they will find peace and tranquillity at any time of day or night.

[read more …] “Eily’s Report – 20th June”