“Where the road takes me” from Lough Hyne near Skibbereen

We thank presenter, John Greene for background information on this evening’s programme (7 – 8pm on C103)

Accompanied by Terri Kearney, manager of Skibbereen Heritage Centre and author of two books on the area, John Greene continues his journey around Lough Hyne on this week’s Where the road takes me.

Lough Hyne is Europe’s first Marine Nature Reserve and came to the attention of marine biologists as far back as 1886.

This week we meet Professor Tony Hawkins, who allows us to eavesdrop on the communication sounds of Pollock, Haddock and the common seal in the lake.

We hear that those in authority in Brussels would be well advised to pay more attention to what local fishermen have to say.

Nick Slocum from Whale Watch West Cork warns of the long term damage being caused by marine noise pollution.


As we delve into the likely causes of the high death toll in the area during the famine, we speak to Gary Batton, Chief of the Choctaw Indians in Oklahoma. After suffering a similar fate fifteen years earlier, this Indian tribe donated money to help famine victims in Ireland in 1847.

Where the road takes me from Lough Hyne near Skibbereen – this Sunday evening at 7pm on C103.

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