Wonderfully Successful Daffodil Day 2017 in Millstreet

Friday, 24th March 2017 is official Daffodil Day and how wonderfully successful it has been in Millstreet due to the superb dedication of inspiring Coordinators and Supporters. Here we view a selection of images from the various locations in Millstreet. Click on the pictures to enlarge. (S.R.)

Mary Fitzgerald’s Annual Coffee Morning with her many dedicated Coordinators held the splendid event in the GAA Community Hall yesterday.

And we continue to share further images of the marvellously praiseworthy annual event.

1 thought on “Wonderfully Successful Daffodil Day 2017 in Millstreet”

  1. What a wonderful day I spent with a group of lovely ladies on Daffodil Day and what a staggering amount of money we collected. Well done to all who filled up our buckets and who shared the fun of the day with us. We are truly grateful to one and all, but the cause speaks for itself and who out there is not effected one way or another. Thanks again and I truly had a wonderful day and the lovely weather was a bonus for us all.

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