“Where the Road Takes Me” on C103 This Evening at 7

We thank Presenter supreme, John Greene, for this advance information on this evening’s programme at 7.   (S.R.)

As the country gears up to become awash with green and celebrate another St. Patrick’s Day, ‘Where the road takes me’ pays a visit to the North Cork town of Mallow to check on what will be their 31st parade and festival. This year’s Grand Marshall will be Rosemary o’Neill, daughter of the late Tip o’Neill, 47th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. His Great Grandparents were born, reared and married in Mallow.

At Mallow Castle we meet caretaker Ned Murphy who remembers a visit by the Irish American politician who was also greeted by actress Maureen o’Hara.

Chairman of the St. Patrick’s Day Committee Noel o’Connor talks about the festival itself, and it’s theme for this year which is – ‘Mallow, a great place to live in’.

At the Tip o’Neill Park in the centre of town, Michael o’Neill who is a cousin of the famous Irish American family, looks at the Mallow family tree.


Rosemary o’Neill looks at her father’s life and political career. She reckons that one of his greatest achievements was being one of the so called ‘Four Horsemen’.

Along with New York Governor Hugh Carey, Senator Ted Kennedy and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan they convinced both Reagan and Carter to put pressure on Margaret Thatcher and the British Government. The result was an Irish Aid package and the eventual signing of the Anglo Irish Agreement in 1985.

Join John Greene from Mallow this Sunday evening at 7pm, for Where the road takes me, on C103.

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