“Where the Road Takes Me” in Kanturk This Evening on C103 at 7pm

We thank Presenter supreme, John Greene for the advance notice of this week’s excellent programme.  (S.R.)

Some people reckon that he is sixty five years of age, while others are of the opinion that he’s no more than 70. The truth is that in a few days time, Ned Hartnett from Kanturk will celebrate his 100th  birthday.

This week on ‘Where the road takes me’, John Greene pays a visit to his home to hear his story. The youngest, and now the only survivor of a family of nine boys and one girl, Ned was born in Rockchapel in 1917, and came to Kanturk in 1955. His twin brothers Mortimer and Geoffrey officially celebrated their 21st birthdays at the ripe old age of 84.

Ned himself is a born storyteller, and while most of his many yarns are delivered with tongue in cheek, there is ample opportunity to travel with him through decades of Irelands social history.

There are stories from the recession of the 1930’s, stories about butter-making, and stories about his involvement with Kanturk Credit Union and Kanturk Boy’s club. And yes he does deal with the secret of a long and healthy life.

One hundred years of Kanturk resident Ned Hartnett, on ‘Where the road takes me’, this Sunday evening at 7, on C103.

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