Postman Supreme Noel Keating Honoured in Aubane

Postman Supreme Noel Keating was very especially honoured at Aubane Community Centre on Friday night, 24th Feb. 2017 following his recent retirement from his many years of dedicated service in An Post to the people of Aubane and far beyond.  Here we share images from the wonderfully uplifting occasion.  (S.R.)

Noel pictured with many of his co-workers in An Post.  Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)
Sgt. Michael Kelly, Noel Keating and Coordinator John F. Kelleher.
Aubane Community salutes Noel.

And we share a further 30 pictures from the superb occasion.Click on the images to enlarge and click on arrow to the left to continue the slide show.

Aubane Community salutes Noel.

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  1. Sorry for belated messageNoel but
    Just came on this article,Congratulations on your retirement old friend,all the best Neil Mary and

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