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  1. Dear Sir
    Both of my late maternal grandparents came from Millstreet and I was given to understand when I was young that my grandfather, Cornelius ‘Neilly’ Healy, late of Church Street, was a volunteer/member of the ‘Old IRA’. Are there any online records or anyway I could confirm this bit of alleged family history? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you
    Yours faithfully
    Neil Moran

    1. Neilus Healy was in the Millstreet ‘A’ Company. He is mentioned many times for his activities at the time by others who submitted statements when applying for their war pensions.

      He is also referred to sometimes as ‘Con’, or ‘Corn’, or ‘Cornelius’.

      in the recent publication “Ready, Willing, Waiting: Keale, Millstreet, Mushera, Rathduane Irish Volunteers” he is pictured on page 94 as “Cornelius Healy, Hegarty Street/Minor Row”.

      “In August 1920, the office of the Income
      Tax collector for the Millstreet area was raided
      by members of the Millstreet, Derrynagree and
      Drishane Companies. The collector – Jack
      Driscoll – lived at Clonbanin where he had his
      office. In company with Neilus Healy, Denis
      Healy, Jack Regan and two or three more from
      Millstreet, I took part in this raid. We destroyed
      all papers in the office and seized a shotgun and
      revolver. John Lehane was in charge of the
      operation. I cannot remember the names of the
      men from Derrynagree and Drishane

      The above extract is just one of many mentions in

      THE ‘BOYS’ OF THE MILLSTREET BATTALION AREA – Some personal accounts of the Irish
      War of Independence, by Aubane Historical Society

  2. Michael

    Many thanks for your prompt response concerning my grandfather, Cornelius Healy. Very helpful and interesting.

    Kind regards

    Neil Moran

  3. The Cornelius Healy that Michael refers to above (pictured on page 92 of the book) is my grandfather. I believe that there was another Cornelius Healy (known as Neilly Healy) who lived in Church Street but he is not the one referred to in the book. You could check the military records of the time.

  4. thanks Noirin,
    my apologies for the confusion. as it turns out, Neil’s grandfather is the Neily of Church Street (the house is gone maybe 15 years, and stood where the back entrance to Noel C’s yard now is located (here)

    Neily was married to Molly and passed away as recently as 1992. His sons Denis lives in London, and Teddy from Clondrohid.

    But Neily was involved at the times of the troubles as he had a war pension (his pension application should exist telling of his activities). He doesn’t seem to have been listed as active in 1916 (or at least it may be hard to distunguish between the two cornelius healy’s in the statements.

    As for Cornelius Healy (Minor Row), the story of his activities during the troubles can be read on the Bureau of Military History website, as part of his pension claim:

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