Brother Vincent Corkery passes away

2010-04-19 Br Vincent Corkery after receiving his Dato from the Sultan of PerakThe former director of St Michael’s Institution (SMI), (Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia), Datuk Brother Vincent Corkery passed away today at Fatimah Hospital here. He breathed his last at 12.18pm. He was 87 years old.

His niece, Noreen Stanley said Brother Vincent had been admitted since March 2 after complaining of breathing difficulties. “I flew from Ireland and reached here on Friday after my family was informed of his deteriorating condition,” she said when met at the hospital here, adding that she would be representing the family at the bedside.

Brother Vincent was a former director of the institution during his 30 years at the school, and had celebrated his 70th year as a La Salle Brother in 2015.

Born in Cork, Ireland in November 1928, Brother Vincent first joined the La Salle religious congregation in 1942 and took his first vows as a Brother in 1945. After teaching in Singapore and continuing his education in Ireland, Brother Vincent was posted to St Michael’s Institution in Ipoh in 1957 where taught English, Literature, and History, as well as serving as the Brother Sub-Director. In 1971, he was appointed as director, a post which he held until 1976. As director, he was feted for doing away with academic ability-based streaming and introducing mixed ability classes instead.

Another La Sallian Brother, Brother Matthew Bay said the passing of Brother Vincent was a great loss to the institution.

He described Brother Vincent as a nice, caring, concerned, and a simple person, who was very much involved in poetry and literature works.

Wake services Tuesday night (March 22) and Wednesday (March 23) at 8pm at St Michael’s Church.

Funeral Mass would be held at St.Michael’s Church on Thursday (March 24th) at 10.30am, followed by burial at the adjoining cemetery.

His death was reported by the Ipoh Guide, the New Straits Times and the Malaysian Star,  amongst others.

Brother Vincent, born Jerry Corkery, grew up in Liscahane, and is a brother of our own Eily Buckley, of Jack Corkery, Liscahane and of Sr. Rupert (Killarney). He returned regularly to Millstreet to visit family and friends. His last visit was last July where he attended a family wedding.

We have had a number of article on Brother Vincent, you can see them here.

A very nice man. May he rest in peace.



2016-03-24 Brother Vincent Funeral 01Brother Vincent’s Funeral – leaving the Church for the Burial



Brother Vincent gives a short speech at his 70th Anniversary on August 3rd 2015

St. Michael’s Institution (SMI) Ipoh

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2 thoughts on “Brother Vincent Corkery passes away”

  1. A person i knew of but never did meet
    He is right up there with the best of Millstreet
    In Malaysia for decades helping those of helping in need
    Brother Vincent Corkery was a great man indeed

    In Liscahane in Millstreet he first saw light of day
    And in Ipoh in Malaysia on his eighty seventh year he passed away
    For the poor of Malaysia one who did care
    Compassionate people like Vincent are rare

    People like he was who their lives to the helping of underprivileged people devote
    Are people i believe to be well worthy of note
    Unselfish in his lifestyle some great work he done
    His father and mother in him raised a good son

    On this age of the selfie where many for money and fame do compete
    There is such an abundance of greed and conceit
    It makes one realize that people like Vincent Corkery are truly great
    And their lives as a gift to humanity we should celebrate

    Far south of the Town on view of Clara Hill
    The heart that beat with kindness is forever still
    Perhaps in life for him never a rousing hooray
    Though to help those in need he went out of his way.

    “Brother Vincent Corkery” is by Francis Duggan


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