1980s: Millstreet Scouts – Cork 77th

At the start of the 1980s, a branch of the scouts were set up in Millstreet, and for a few years they thrived. Thanks to JD Corcoran sent us the photos below
(can anyone put a stab at putting names on faces?):

1981 Millstreet Scouts 01-1000

1981 Millstreet Scouts 03-1000

October 1980 First Scout meeting Cork 77th – includes John Murphy, Niall Moynihan, Alan O’Riordan, John Riordan and James Mannix, JD Corcoran, John Linehan, Kieran O’Connor, Denis Kelleher, Desmond and Kevin Brennan, Denis O Regan, John Hickey

1981 Millstreet Scouts 02-1000Pat Holly RIP,  Dan Mannix, Seamus O’Donovan RIP (Pat Hollys son-in-law) Sean Daly – regional commissioner Kerry, Jim Kiely, Pat Minihan.

1981 Millstreet Scouts 04

In the early 80s: _, Jerry William O’Leary, Michael Dillon, _, JD Corcoran, John Murphy, _, _, Alan (Shortt) O’Mahony, _, _, _, _, Pat Cashman, John O’Sullivan, _ Fitzgerald.

Many thanks again to JD for the photos which he gave to us a long time ago, and they unfortunately never got put up at the time.

2 thoughts on “1980s: Millstreet Scouts – Cork 77th”

  1. Desmond Brennan, Maurice O’Connor, Michael Dillon,Denis O’Regan, JD Corcoran, ? Murphy & John Murphy Priests Cross, Mick The Jeweller Riordan RIP,Alan O’Mahoney (Shortt) John Riordan, Pat Murphy Killarney Rd, Seamus O’Donovan RIP, ? Murphy Cloghoulamore, Pat Cashman, John O’Sullivan, Kevin Brennan.

  2. Black & white photo was I believe the very first meeting of the new Millstreet scout troop in the Carnegie Hall, no uniforms had been purchased yet! If I remember names rightly Desmond Brennan, ?, Dermot Twomey?, Feilim Maxwell, Denis O’Regan, John Hickey, Pat Murphy, ?, Second row Pat O’Mahony?, ?, John Murphy, Niall Moynihan, Alan O’Mahoney, John Riordan, JD Corcoran, James Mannix, Kevin Brennan. I remember learning the scout salute on that first night. Many happy memories, we were the first scouts in Millstreet so there was a lot of making it up as we went along, always with enthusiasm.

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