Very Successful Millstreet Lotto Project Greatly Benefits Our Community

Some of the dedicated Millstreet Lotto Committee pictured recently. We thank Eily Buckley for the Lotto Report below. Click on the image to enlarge.
Some of the dedicated Millstreet Lotto Committee pictured recently. We thank Eily Buckley for the Lotto Report below. Click on the image to enlarge.  (S.R.)

The Lotto project continues to be one of the most successful and beneficial features of our community. In its 22nd year it is the life line of our TownPark, the local GAA and the Youth Complex. Hundreds of our people of all ages live better lives because of it. In all about 44 people are involved in the Lotto.

Lotto Funding keeps our Town Park in pristine condition ,with new features being added all the time. The setting up of a 24 piece outdoor Gym around the perimeter is proving very popular ,each piece with a tag saying “Funded by the Lotto”. Improvements are always on-going.

The GAA’s Lotto money covers the Camogie Club, the Juvenile GAA,for under 18s and the Intermediate GAA ,for over 18s…

The Community Council for the Youth Complex use their Lotto Funding to pay all the day to day expenses of this very important venue. Creche, After School care. Adult Gym .

The Lotto project is not a charity. Each of the participating members have to work hard to bring their “third “ every week.

In all about 44 people are involved ,including shops and businesses, representing the GAA , the Town Park and the Community Council for the Youth Complex.

As well as selling tickets, a number of helpers are needed at the Wallis Arms Hotel every Sunday to check the tickets and put them in the appropriate boxes in readiness for the draw.

Every ticket is checked at least three times to see if four numbers are marked, to see if the buyer’s name is on and that it can be read. And finally the name of the seller .Every sold ticket has to be accompanied by the same amount of money. And this is checked at source.

The ticket box is egg packer style , with 32 spaces each one numbered. Tickets are then carefully placed . Say if the first number marked on a ticket is 8, then it goes into space number 8

and so on.

Checking done some helpers can leave while a number of others go to the various pubs in the town to make further sales. Meanwhile the box of tickets etc. are taken to the pub where the draw is to be held. To be joined later by the late ticket sellers. All monies and tickets that come in are checked and the box completed for the draw. No member of the Group is allowed to draw the winners. So it’s done by a person who is nominated by the pub . If the Jackpot is not won on numbers then all tickets go into the drum and the first out is a €100 winner with €50 for the seller. Next out gets €50 followed by 8 winners of €20 each.

All the tickets are then taken from the drum and taken away to be counted and the number of tickets has to match the amount of money taken in.

Many copies of the results are made and handed around the town next morning and they also appear in the Millstreet website from each Tuesday.

The Lotto of course owes its success to all the people who continue to buy tickets every  week.  And on behalf of all concerned I want to extend a sincere word of thanks and look forward to their support far into the future.

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