We’ll stay here all night dear

RIP Sir Terry Wogan who passed away today aged 77 following a short illness. “We’ll stay here all night dear” was his famous quote as he commentated for the BBC on the Eurovision in Millstreet, as the organisers tried to get in contact with the last decisive jury from Malta, as the UK and Ireland battled it out for the win. Watch the last moments of the voting below:

1993-05-13 Terry Wogan broadcasting from Millstreet
BBC’s Ken Bruce (left) and Sir Terry Wogan enjoying an extra hour in bed before presenting their radio programmes from Millstreet, Ireland, the venue for the Eurovision Song Contest (13th May 1995).


The morning after Niamh Kavanagh’s win at Millstreet in 1993, the Guardian’s reviewer wrote: “Malta gave it to Ireland with the last vote. The bastards!” [ref]


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