A Delighted Tidy Towns Secretary Encourages Local Assistance Following Uplifting Success in this Year’s National Tidy Town Competition

The following communication was received from Gordon O’Keeffe.  (S.R.):

Ladies & Gentelmen,

As Secretary of Millstreet Tidy Towns & Tourism Assocation we are pleased to attach this years Adjudication Report for the National Tidy Town Competition. We are extremely proud of our achievement of 302 points which is a fantastic 5 points improvement on 2014.
To put this in context, 302 points is only 21 points behind the overall winner – Letterkenny @ 323 points.

Success at this scale will only be maintained with the participation of the whole community.

From the attached report (which in fact has already been shared on our website “Tidy Towns increase by 5 points!) you will see that the Tidy Town Competition is much more that just picking up litter.

Our Association needs help from a broad skillbase to achieve our goal of being the overall National Tidy Town winner.

Your assistance in any form, large or small, will help us to achieve this goal.

We look forward to your favourable response.

Yours Sincerely,

Gordon O’ Keeffe HON. SEC.


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