Red Cross Kanturk /Millstreet Therapeutic Hand Care Team


Some of the members of the   Red Cross  Kanturk /Millstreet  Therapeutic  Hand Care Team   on   recently receiving  their Therapeutic Hand Care  certificates.

This service is provided by Irish Red Cross volunteers trained to give free hand massage and manicure to men and women in our local hospitals and community events.

A visit from one of our practitioners is often welcome company, boosting morale as well as improving clients’ mobility and therefore overall quality of life. Hand massage has proved highly beneficial to those with painful and stiff joints relieving soreness and improving joint flexibility.

For further information on receiving these services or training to provide them, please contact your local Irish Red Cross Branch.


IRD Duhallow Warmer Homes Scheme


Free Insulation Service

If you are in receipt of one of the following payments you may be eligible to receive insulation services free of charge:


Fuel Allowance


Family Income Supplement


Jobseekers Allowance
(for more than 6 months and have children under 7 years of age)


Houses must be owner occupied and constructed before 2006

Contact IRD Duhallow on 029 60633

[read more …] “IRD Duhallow Warmer Homes Scheme”

Regional Report No. 1282

Greetings, dear Friends, from Millstreet as we share  Regional Report No. 1282 on Tuesday 8th Sept. 2015.

Eily Buckley (for whom I’m presently deputising) is making great progress and is now thankfully back in her native Millstreet.

The recent very successful Millstreet International Horse Trials at the exquisite Drishane Estate and at Green Glens received some hugely uplifting comments in prestigious equestrian publications such as “The Irish Field”.   Here’s a flavour of some of the international reaction: [read more …] “Regional Report No. 1282”