Memories Of Lisnaboy

Memories of my early lessons in Nature’s ways to me remain a source of joy
I loved the old rushy fields of Lisnaboy
When wildflowers were on the ditch of the bohreen
And the countryside was looking healthy and green

The Boggeragh Ranges a beautiful sight
Clara, Gortavehy, Kippagh and Caherbarnagh in the evening sunlight
Displayed a calm and a natural charm of their own
Such beautiful memories a joy to have known

The past it has gone but the memories remain
Of places in fancy i often visit again
I remember the brown bees who lived in a mossy patch on the ground
If you accidentally trod on their nest they made a loud buzzing sound

Which was a clear warning from the scene for to run
For to be stung by angry bees is never any fun
The past to the present with us seems to stay
Good memories from us never do go away

Nature at her finest was all around me
And a male robin sang on a leafy birch tree
In early Summer in the rushy fields of Lisnaboy
Such beautiful memories live on as a source of joy.

“Memories Of Lisnaboy” is by Francis Duggan

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