Michael Dineen’s Wonderful 90th Birthday Celebration on Sunday

We thank Photographer supreme, Geraldine Dennehy for these superb images of the grand celebration of Michael Dineen of Pound Hill (Hegarty Street), Millstreet on his 90th Birthday which took place on Sunday, 8th February 2015 in the Wallis Arms Hotel with his wife Margaret, his children, grandchildren, sister, brother, neighbours and close friends.  And not only that but Micheal & Margaret had celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary on January 29th. 2015!   We extend our heartfelt congratulations to both Margaret and Michael on such marvellous occasions and we are delighted to share such joy worldwide thanks to Geraldine’s magnificent pictures – Seán Radley on behalf of the Millstreet Website Team. Click on the images to enlarge.Mike Dineen's 90th birthday (1)-800Mike Dineen's 90th birthday (2)-800Mike Dineen's 90th birthday (3)-800Mike Dineen's 90th birthday (4)-800Mike Dineen's 90th birthday (5)-800


1 thought on “Michael Dineen’s Wonderful 90th Birthday Celebration on Sunday”

  1. On Sundays at 11am mass in Millstreet with their two daughters and son they were often seen
    When they lived in Kilcorney Michael and Margaret Dineen
    Before they moved to Pound Hill in Millstreet Town where they live today
    On looking back the Seasons how fast time does tick away

    On the Millstreet Town Website In the Wallis Arms Hotel images by Geraldine Dennehy and a story by Sean Radley on Michael’s ninetieth birthday
    With family and friends for his years he looks healthy and well of him one can say
    There are not many of six decades beyond their life’s prime
    Who as Michael has have aged well through the Seasons of time

    Since i last saw the Dineens three decades have gone by
    On looking back the years how time does seem to fly
    After fifty six years Michael and Margaret as a couple going well
    Of marriage longevity they have a great story to tell

    It does seem like Michael Dineen on his ninetieth birthday with his family and friends enjoyed his big night
    A man i know from years ago if only by sight
    He and Margaret raised their children in Kilcorney before they moved to Pound Hill
    On looking back the years it does seem that time does stand still.

    “On Michael Dineen’s Ninetieth Birthday” is by Francis Duggan

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