Mushera Christmas Morning Climb

2014-12-25 Mushera Christmas Day Climb 05 - Some of the group at the topA lovely bright crisp morning greeted climbers for the annual Mushera Christmas Morning Climb, and a crowd of well in excess of a hundred took to the mountain to create an appetite for their Christmas dinner (or get away from the cooking of it!). This year the proceeds were in aid of the newly formed Aubane Community Alert, who added: “Many thanks to those who donated. The fund is still open. Sponorships cards still available”.

There are more photos on the Aubane Page (10), and some nice ones by Michelle (10).


1 thought on “Mushera Christmas Morning Climb”

  1. No matter what the weather every Christmas Day
    Hardy people from Aubane and surrounds to the cross on Mushera’s summit climb their way
    At a time of year in Mushera that can be windy, wet and cold
    For to take on such a mission one would have to be quite bold

    For a charitable cause on Christmas Day they do climb Mushera in frost, rain, wind or snow
    They are weather hardened people by the Boggeraghs this much of them i do know
    A group of males and females the young and ageing and those in their lives prime
    Some of them would have climbed Mushera over the years many a time

    Up through the knee high bracken that in Winter is seldom dry
    A daunting task for one of my age that i may not be brave enough to try
    They climb up on the high ground money for charity for to raise
    For this the Mushera Christmas Day climbers are worthy of some praise

    Where the cold winds of the Boggeraghs blow with a wintery chill
    The mildest Winter day a cold one on Mushera’s windswept hill
    Mountain climbing in the depths of Winter seems a daunting task to face
    But they make them tough by Mushera they are a hardy race

    To their worthy charitable causes they do remain ever true
    And to undertake such a task on Christmas Day some credit they are due
    I cannot say i envy them i feel a lucky man
    To lay here in the sunshine improving my suntan.

    “Mushera Christmas Day Climbers” is by Francis Duggan


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