An old saying of our Weather

Mushera Mountain from ClaraAn old local saying about the weather locally:

‘Ceo ar Mhusire’s Clárach lom, an comhartha soininne is fearr ar domhan.’

The photo right is of Musheramore taken from the top of Clara with Clara’s triangulation point in the foreground

(‘Fog on Mushera and Claragh bare – the best sign of good weather in the world’).


An extension of this is:

Ceo ar Mhushera agus Claragh go brách, beidh an lá go deas
Ach, ceo are Cláragh agus Mhushera go brach, beidh an lá go harabh.

Essentially the translation was that if there was high fog cloud on Mushera mountain while Clara mountain remained clear this was a sign of good weather, however if Mushera (i.e. Musheramore) was clear and Clara had fog on top then that would be a sign of bad weather.

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