An Extraordinary Age

1901-09-27 Aged 118 - Ireland's oldest woman - Ellen O'Mullone, Gneeves“Extraordinary Age. In a recent issue we chronicled the death of the oldest person in Ireland at Greeves, four miles from Millstreet, County Cork. Mrs. Ellen O’Mullane. the deceased, was born in Ballyvourney in the year 1783. ‘ Her father, Timothy Cronin. belonged to a respectable family of farmers in the neighbourhood of Millstreet. The deceased, at the age of 35, married a farmer named O’Mullane, who died forty-three years ago. She had three daughters, who are living, the eldest being 82 years old, 25 grandchildren, and 18 greatgrandchildren, some of whom are in Canada. She was a woman of robust frame and vigorous constitution. Her chief pride was to boast that she was never a day sick during her long life, although working hard. It need not be said from the time and place of her birth, that she had a fluent Gaelic tongue, which was the language always used in the house. Her mind was a treasury of legends, songs, and folk-lore, with which she used to entertain her neighbours, young and old, during the winter nights in that weird locality, over hanging the enchanted Lake of Coomatruish, where the river Finnow rises, near Clydagh(??). She was in full possession of her faculties up to the hour of her death, and was about the house up to two weeks previous to her demise. A large concourse of people followed her remains to her native Ballyvourney, where she rests near the Shrine of St. Gobnait. Many of her legends and stories have been committed to writing.

from the Freeman’s Journal (Sydney, NSW ) 29 June 1901 [also The Rochester Catholic]



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