Michael Kelleher Will Climb Clara Mountain Again

On a day that is clear of the gray fogs of rain
Michael Kelleher will climb Clara Mountain again
Above the green countryside by Millstreet Town
Where he often climbed when his hair was light brown

Since he left Claraghatlea many Seasons ago
Time that rusts iron has become his foe
But he retains great love of his first homeplace
Where his years ago was a known and loved face

In his physical best years this is going back in time
Michael Kelleher was a mighty man in his life’s prime
With Victoria’s top pipe layers he held his own
In the pipe laying crews one who is widely known

Michael Kelleher will stand on Clara with views far and wide
Across the green fields of his home countryside
Back to Kippagh and Caherbarnagh and Gortavehy’s face of stone
And into east Kerry beyond the Paps of Shrone

And talk of the past when old friends he will meet
As he enjoys a few beers in a pub in Millstreet
His strong love of the homeplace he does retain
And good memories of the past in him does remain

Good memories do live on as a source of joy
He will walk the old fields that he loved as a boy
And on a day that is clear of the gray fogs of rain
Michael Kelleher will climb Clara Mountain again.

‘Michael Kelleher Will Climb Clara Mountain Again’ is by Francis Duggan


1 thought on “Michael Kelleher Will Climb Clara Mountain Again”

  1. I read Francie’s poem before going to Tubrid Well this morning and who should I meet there but the self-same Michael. I probably would have recognised him but Francie’s poem had alerted me to his visit. we talked of old times and our great footballing careers! Thanks, Francie. We shared fond memories of you too. God bless.

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