Upcoming Events at Aubane Community Centre

2014-09-22 Zumba in Aubane - posterset dancing

  • Set Dancing recommences on Monday 22 September at 9.15 pm. Every Monday Night until May 2015
  • Cards every Wednesday night at 9.00 pm All are Welcome
  • Aubane Social Club will host a Social Night on Thurs 2 October at Aubane Community Centre 8.30-10.30. Free Addmission!! All are welcome.
  • Zumba comes to Aubane Community on Friday 03 October
  • Aubane Community Alert Group launches their Text Alert at Aubane Community Centre on Wednesday 08 October at 8.30 pm All are welcome.

1 thought on “Upcoming Events at Aubane Community Centre”

  1. On the Butter Road in Mushera Valley above Millstreet Town
    Is Aubane a place for Irish traditional music and dancing that has earned some renown
    A cultural shift is occurring in the Aubane Hall
    And change for the better is better than no change at all

    Linda a Zumba tutor about to introduce to Aubane a new aerobic dance craze
    A form of exercise for loosening up old bones that has won Worldwide praise
    That incorporates many dance movements into aerobics now known Worldwide
    Is now in Aubane in Duhallow in the high countryside

    Introduced to the World by the famous Colombian dancer and aerobics teacher Beto Perez in dance as a new in thing
    Aging dancers Worldwide the praises of Zumba does sing
    It loosens aging bones and to tired feet brings back the spring
    To the great gift of youth the desire is for to cling

    Yes Zumba does bring back the spring to tiring aging feet
    And the Aubane Irish dancers the pride of Millstreet
    From doing Zumba will recapture some of the energy of their lives prime
    Zumba will help them for to turn back the decades of time

    And in the Aubane Hall for three hours or more
    They will dance jigs and reels as never before
    For Zumba the aerobic dance movement the in thing of the day
    Brings back life to aging feet the lovers of Zumba does say.

    “Zumba in Aubane” is by Francis Duggan


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