Final Dromtariffe Parish Walk

2014-07-04 Dromtarriffe Parish WalkDue to the huge success of our recent walks, Dromtariffe Parish Hall will be running one more final walk on the 6th of September. This walk will be starting at the monument at Derrygallon at 4 o’clock.

A carpark will be available and signposted from the monument on the day. This walk will run in conjunction with an under 10’s girls football blitz in Rathcool football pitch. Afterwards there will be a celebration in the parish hall for everyone who took part in the walks over the Summer and the blitz.

There are a number of activities starting in Dromtariffe parish hall for the winter period so please follow us on Facebook for full lists of events and activities.

Directions (from Dromtarriffe Parish Hall): Go west towards Killarney for half a mile, take a right at the old cremery (towards Newmarket). Carry on straight that road and its is a turn to the right (3rd) i think. It will be signposted on the day fron the main road.

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