7 thoughts on “Mushera Platform Dance Tonight”

    1. From the main gates of Millstreet Country Park, take the road along the mountain towards Macroom / Ballinagree, and it’s half a mile down there on your left (20m up the hill but hard to see). it’s very easy to miss, but if there’s people there, you won’t miss them. If you pass the first house, you’ve gone too far. 3pm – 6pm today.

      Here’s a map of how to get there from millstreet

      1. Hi Micheal !
        What’s the weather like out in Millstreet ?
        It’s raining fairly heavy here in Macroom .
        Do you think the dancing will go ahead there today ???


        1. it’s overcast but dry here. had a light shower at 12:30. but it’s been raining in monafluigh. wouldn’t really know until you get up there :-/

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