Clara & Isabelle Help the Rapunzel Foundation Magnificently

We sincerely thank Michelle O’Keeffe for sharing the following selection of pictures and the inspiring story of how her daughters Clara and Isabelle have so generously been supporting the praiseworthy Rapunzel Foundation.  Both Michelle and their Dad, Patrick can be so very proud of their daughters’ wonderfully courageous gesture to help others.   Click on the images to enlarge.  (S.R.)

Isabelle and Clara
Isabelle and Clara

Helping Rapunzel Foundation

“The Rapunzel Foundation was set up in 2011.   Based in New Ross, Co.Wexford it is from there that Hair Salons send the wigs and it takes 20/25 ponytails to make one wig which are made in New Zealand.  It is for children who suffer from alopecia or sickness and wish to wear a wig.   The hair must be in good condition with no layers and cannot be dyed.

Hair salons need to register with the R.F. to accommodate the donors. 

Clara donated her hair in Summer 2013.. aged 8.. 14 inches in Sharpes Hair Salon in Tralee.

Isabelle donated in june 2014.. aged 4..14 inches in Voodoo Salon in Boherbue.

The girls where great to do this as I personally know about hair loss due to sickness and I am a founding member of Reach Out Cancer Support..(ROCS).

I would encourage other children to grow their hair and donate as this is such a worthy cause.”   (Michelle O’Keeffe)

And we now share some more pictures which Michelle has so kindly [read more …] “Clara & Isabelle Help the Rapunzel Foundation Magnificently”

Fr. James Reflects on St. John’s Night at Mushera is where you can access Fr. James McSweeney’s hugely popular and internationally renowned Daily Thought for Reflection “Today is my gift to you”.   In today’s wonderful reflection on “St. John’s Night” we are indeed honoured that Fr. James uses two of the images (different to the pictures below) which we captured yesterday evening at the annual Mass in St. John’s Well, Mushera.   Many thanks, Fr. James, for the inspiring reflection and for having used our pictures to illustrate.  We encourage you to visit on a daily basis Fr. James’s website   Click on the images below to enlarge.   (S.R.)

3St. John's Well Annual Mass 24 June 2014 -800 4St. John's Well Annual Mass 24 June 2014 -800