Let’s Talk & Walk on Sunday 25th May in Newmarket

Click on the Poster to enlarge.  (S.R.)
Click on the Poster to enlarge.  (S.R.)

On Sunday next IRD Duhallow together with IFA, Coillte, Mental Health Ireland and See Change are organising a walk in the Island Wood Newmarket with a focus on Raising Awareness on Mental Health.  The theme of the day is “Let’s Talk and Walk”

The Green Ribbon Walk is a month long campaign that is taking place during May to raise awareness and promote positive mental health.

As you well know, peoples reasons for living in the countyside are many and varied including being born and reared there or made a deliberate decision to move, people tend to associate living in the country with having a better environment, more space, being more relaxed and possibly being safer, while these facts to a large extend are true country life does not always live up to its perceived idyllic image and there can be many associated difficulties with living in rural area. Farmers also face many challenges and it is easy to let it get to you.

The purpose of these walks is to develop an interest in walking and talking, not necessarily about mental health, but everyday things as well. The combined benefits of “Green Exercise” connection with nature and regular walks are, improved well-being, weight loss and life balance providing positive energy and contentment.


The walk will commence in the Island Wood Newmarket at 3.00pm and light refreshments will be served afterwards which will be prepared by Duhallow Community Food Services.

For further information you can contact Katie Crowley IRD Duhallow on 029 60633 or Siobhan McSweeney IFA on 087 6561595



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