Aftermath of Storm Darwin 2014 in Millstreet – A Tour of the Area

Some years ago we shared our Snow Tour of Millstreet following one of the coldest Winters we had ever experienced.   Last Wednesday, 12th February 2014,  Ireland experienced the very significant Storm Darwin with hurricane force winds.   Millstreet felt the intensity of the storm between 12.00 noon and 2.00 pm approximately.  On Saturday Brendan Murphy and I toured the area to witness and record the aftermath of Storm Darwin.   The number of well established trees felled was quite phenomenal.   These you will note on our tour which started at Clara Road where we met James L. Moynihan.   We then proceeded to Station Road where Con Coakley shared a picture of himself with behind him one of the many trees across the road which blocked traffic access for hours.   When we reached the Glebe Road we met with Michael Thornton working on the storm clearance.   We next viewed Drishane and Cashman’s Park.  We came across large trees the roots of which just left the wet ground and toppled into fields as well as across roads.  We also got to record scenes near Kilmeedy and Cloghoula.   Everyone with whom we chatted for an LTV2 feature all indicated that they had never experienced such severe hurricane force winds.   Hopefully this storm of 2014 will not be experienced again for decades.   One uplifting sign we noted on the sunny Saturday – daffodils are beginning to shoot from the ground….Spring is on the way!  We hope that you will enjoy observing our Storm Tour 2014 where we share some 47 images of the weather related happening in Millstreet.   Special thanks to Brendan Murphy of LTV2 Millstreet who motivated our tour and drove to the various locations.    (S.R.)

28Storm Darwin Aftermath in Millstreet 2014 -800 20Storm Darwin Aftermath in Millstreet 2014 -800 4Storm Darwin Aftermath in Millstreet 2014 -800 8Storm Darwin Aftermath in Millstreet 2014 -800 24Storm Darwin Aftermath in Millstreet 2014 -800Here now are the remaining 42 images of the aftermath of [read more …] “Aftermath of Storm Darwin 2014 in Millstreet – A Tour of the Area”