Genealogy: McNamara’s over the Post Office

I am a Benedictine nun writing from the USA, and I was hoping to be in touch with someone who knows anything of the family of my great grandfather, Jeremiah McNamara who emigrated to the USA and settled in Boston late 19th, early 20th century.

My father, now deceased, told me that his ancestors lived in Millstreet, County Cork, above the Post Office. However, the sister of his grandfather was born in Macroom.

Her name was Mary and her parents, Daniel and Margaret McNamara, came to Boston with their five sons and five daughters. Mary (Sr. Rosalie Josephine) became a Little Sister of the Poor in Jamaica Plain, Boston, but died in the motherhouse in London, England.

I have put in this query to the folks in Macroom as well.

Thank you so much for any hints you may have!

Mother Therese McNamara, O.S.B. <email>

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