Mary and Bob Keane on The Morning Show

Bob and Mary Keane on the Morning Show on TV3
After last week’s big Euromillions win, Bob and Mary Keane were on the Morning Show on TV3 this morning. You can see today’s programme on the TV3 Player (from 1:44 – 12:21)

1 thought on “Mary and Bob Keane on The Morning Show”

  1. I want to say HI to all in Millstreet which we left last year to go to Canada!
    Congratulations to the Keane family.
    As the photographer of the town for over 10 years I remember that Mary booked a portrait for her son at the Holy Communion or Confirmation many years ago. Mary was always a nice lady and I’m so happy for the whole family.
    Money is a big help to be happy in a faster way and I hope, this family is happy for a long time!

    Have a wonderful Summer!
    Many greetings
    Andrea Todt

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