Lost blond labrador “Dougal” on Tuesday 26th March

Our labrador of 8 years, Dougal, male castrated, sadly has gone missing from our house in Shanaknuck this Tuesday. Normally he always wers his collar with phone number but this time as he had just been groomed, his collar is missing. He does wear a silver chain, and he is microchipped.
He is a beautiful big blond lab, and we miss him terribly.
Anyone with information about his whereabouts please contact Ronan at 087-3560235
Thanks in advance !

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2 thoughts on “Lost blond labrador “Dougal” on Tuesday 26th March”

  1. Dougalwas found last night!!
    Thanks to a lovely who rang us and located him
    Thanks to everybody that rang and the kids and us are thrilled to have him back

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