Eurovision 1993 Memories 2

Here we recall Eurovision Week in May 1993.
Here we recall Eurovision Week in May 1993.   This very enterprising visitor established his temporary stand at West End.    Below we view the official opening of the wonderfully memorable Millstreet Euro Fringe Festival during that historic week.    The very impressive platform was positioned across the road from the Euro Dome.    Click on images to enlarge.   (S.R.)


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  1. what a truly wonderful time that Eurovision brought to millstreet in 1993 the excitement it brought was really great I would never have missed one second of it, these photos bring such a happy memories I really love the photo of the man selling his shillelaghs keeping our irish tradition going and adding to the excitement and all the other lovely photos I am not ashamed to admit it has brought a few tears to my eyes I am so glad I found these photos and thanks to noel c and sean who made it happen now millstreet has more history now but global on the internet fantastic, kindest regards from andrew

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