“Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station — 9.30 to 11.00 Tonight

  “Radio Treasures”  on Cork Music Station www.corkmusicstation.com at 9.30pm until 11.00pm tonight

(Tuesday, 5th Feb.. 2013)

Tonight’s Programme includes two recordings made at the recent Abbeydorney Ploughing Match 2013 .   And of course we’ve lots of  musical and singing selections.   Please feel more than welcome to make contact with us on the programme.   We’d love to hear from you.

And we share interesting information about useful APPS.

  Please note that if you are disconnected from the signal at any time during the programme just refresh the website and the broadcast will then resume.

 Contact with the programme before, during or after, through text 086 22 555 05 or by emailing the Millstreet Museum address:   millstreetmuseum @  eircom.net  (without the spaces).   Details also on Facebook.     (S.R.)


4 thoughts on ““Radio Treasures” on Cork Music Station — 9.30 to 11.00 Tonight”

  1. Hi Sean – is the program for Mike recorded or archived on the site so we can replay it for some family members who do not have access to the internet
    Thanks – Deirdre

    1. Deirdre – Thank you for your kind interest. This was a live programme and as yet we do not have podcast facilities to archive such audio programmes on the website. I may, however, be able to access sections of the programme which can be placed on audio disc. We were very encouraged by the number of people who were tuned into the broadcast tonight.

  2. Many thanks, John. There’s been many much appreciated texts following our live programme from Listeners especially from the Dublin and Monaghan areas. It was a true privilege compiling such a tribute programme remembering the late Michael Looney who was such a great Friend of so many.

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